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glensfallsbibttm 51M  
63 posts
4/11/2018 9:44 am

I love to please both men & women orally!

Tmptrzz 56F  
52243 posts
4/11/2018 9:47 am

I love kissing and well lets just say I get stalkers from giving such great oral..

Just your average every day run of the mill nana here!!!

ltrskr 70M  
2848 posts
4/11/2018 10:04 am

A lady friend told me she thought I could breathe through my ears!
I get complements on my oral skills quite regular!

gtrider28 62M  
521 posts
4/11/2018 10:07 am

I like kissing and I especially like cunnilingus cannot get enough

Funseeker46918 32M
8 posts
4/11/2018 10:09 am

I’ve never had a complaint

RandyinRI 44M
11 posts
4/11/2018 10:27 am

I just drooled a little

JimmyB7474 53M
2424 posts
4/11/2018 10:30 am

Other: I'd be kissing the pussy extremely well so yes, Other fits. Jimmy B.

My blog JimmyB7474 is called Into The Woods (erotica) entertaining stories about a guy named Jimmy. Enjoy.

Leegs2012 45M
35565 posts
4/11/2018 3:49 pm

I love licking Pussy!! I can do it all day & night!!! A little smooth cock sucking I get into too!!

UrIceCreamMan69 64M
45 posts
4/12/2018 12:52 am

I love kissing, it is the start of great sex.

author51 55F  
65286 posts
4/12/2018 6:04 am

From what my lovers tell me I have excellent oral skills...But I LOVE doing it and have honed those skills to pleasure a lover....only if he pleasures me I give as good as I get...

One can never have enough JOY in their life...

dante8512 67M  
6 posts
4/12/2018 1:12 pm

love kissing and pleasing women and men orally .ive been told a few times im a great kisser

sphxdiver 68M  
20371 posts
4/12/2018 9:31 pm

Gotten several complements before !!

suzieloves3 32F  
52 posts
4/14/2018 8:11 am

I'd give myself about an 8. I was blessed with no gag reflex.

eager4unow 61M  
1500 posts
4/14/2018 12:13 pm

I enjoy kissing I give myself a nine....

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