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On camera  

TreasureBBW 51F
46 posts
2/26/2021 11:10 am
On camera

As I think about my camera setup, I'm wondering...

Would you prefer pics of me alone or with a partner?
Solo. No sharing.
Please, only mystery hands exploring.
Just a bit of cum, I'll imagine it mine.
Playing with a partner. Damn he is a lucky dog!

jtwrigleyville 42M
398 posts
2/27/2021 12:11 am

All of the above

azlyn456 62M  
224 posts
2/27/2021 5:48 am

If you need a partner I'm available.

BiSussi 60F
676 posts
2/27/2021 1:25 pm

It all would depend on the partner
Some guys don't do anything for me, but if he is nice and does it well, go for it.
As a bi-girl I am more interested in you then a guy, who one can find in less than a minute on here unless he is exceptional, it can take a day or two

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

TreasureBBW replies on 3/1/2021 12:25 pm:
Hi Susi

It's been like feeding seagulls at the beach. Been mobbed with attention, all vying and fighting for scraps of bread. Most haven't even bothered to find out what I am looking for, I believe my profile covers everything. My chat is full of "Here's my dick, send me your address and I'll be right over."

While I do like to receive oral, I've done it mostly for them. I want someone who can be patient, allowing me to learn what I like.

Sakwes77 66M
69 posts
3/1/2021 10:04 pm

If #1 had said solo, without the no sharing I would have chosen #1 and #4

Mystery is okay, some times but right now I'd rather see all of you.

sjoejack6 66M  
32 posts
3/2/2021 3:23 am

All of the above. Variety adds to the excitement

stringtime666 59M
971 posts
3/3/2021 7:22 am

i like both...

Lust was zu schreiben? [post Privater Briefkasten Privat Mailbox (private Mailbox)

Iamhim999999 46M
15 posts
3/5/2021 6:43 am

Definitely solo....please...

epiphany9999 61M  
22 posts
3/6/2021 8:02 am

I love it all, but prefer with partner

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