Panties, Thongs or nothing at all  

UvbeenwaitN4me 43F  
32 posts
9/9/2018 4:18 pm
Panties, Thongs or nothing at all

Ladies what is your preference and why? Guys, what do you like seeing a women wearing?
Nothing at all
All of the above

Dontwantsameol 40M  
21 posts
9/9/2018 7:41 pm

I feel that whatever shes most comfortable in or what she feels sexy in is the best because if a lady feels hot then she will show it in her own way

mwill724 43M  
2 posts
9/9/2018 7:44 pm

Thongs in general, but overall whatever she is comfortable with or what mood she is trying to create.

Lkn4funwith2 53M
571 posts
9/9/2018 9:06 pm

I prefer women who do not wear panties at all, but a G-string would be fine if she must wear anything. Exhibitionist women are my favorite because they are comfortable wearing no underwear at all, and enjoy flashing .

Funshine21 49M/48F  
7 posts
9/9/2018 9:30 pm

Great question........g-string for for my ass to wiggle

CharmingAsianCY 37M
59 posts
9/9/2018 11:19 pm

Nothing except tampon. It's more comfortable than wearing panties, plus she won't have to worry about the mess from menstruation, so long as she is wearing only tampon.

guyinnova112 53M  
83 posts
9/10/2018 3:14 am

When she wears nothing at all, it turns me on the whole time I’m with her. But, I get it that going pantyless can be impractical. My favorite panties for her to wear are lace thongs (lace band around the waist and up the back).

banjo6660 52M
483 posts
9/10/2018 6:53 am

My self I love to see her in thongs

onehotintegra 57M
269 posts
9/10/2018 7:42 am

All depends on how flirty she feels.

phiemicol 56M/56F  
41 posts
9/10/2018 9:09 am

Our lady like to wear nothing at all...she feels very free, especially to exposed herself. Our man likes all of the above...but nothing at all expresses the kind of sexual freedom he likes in a woman.

TITTYloverinKs 58M
87 posts
9/10/2018 9:19 am

There's a time or place for all choices, but what ever the lady's mood or pleasure is her choice

UvbeenwaitN4me 43F  
2 posts
9/10/2018 9:33 am

Depends on what I’m doing. I prefer nothing but certain situations require me to wear something

luvgluv19 70M
830 posts
9/10/2018 12:04 pm

Let her decide that way she will feel more comfortable. If she is wishing to please you and asks tell her you are there to see her and make her self comfortable for a great time since the panties will be in view only a short time any way

PantyCurious865 43T  
36 posts
9/10/2018 4:31 pm

Not only do i love seeing the ladies wearing all of the above but love to wear them myself.

zeke53028 59M
693 posts
9/10/2018 6:29 pm

I said nothing at all but she can wear whatever she wants. It's all good.

sphxdiver 68M  
20155 posts
9/10/2018 11:31 pm

Whatever she happens to be wearing, or not wearing, is fine with me !!

Lkn4funwith2 53M
571 posts
9/11/2018 12:36 am

    Quoting Funshine21:
    Great question........g-string for for my ass to wiggle
YESSS!!! My kind of woman... it is so HOT that you enjoy having your ass wiggle

allnitelong2063 54M
98 posts
9/11/2018 8:13 am

I go with all

eager4unow 61M  
1467 posts
9/11/2018 5:51 pm

You left out g strings....those are my favorite next to nothing at all....

Fuklikedogs 47M
240 posts
9/11/2018 8:54 pm

It changes with my dirty mind

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pytimesx 58M
503 posts
9/13/2018 11:57 pm

Never a thong. Otherwise, surprise me! And, if you're wearing a dress, don't be surprised if you end up with nothing at all and soaking wet thighs as I wipe your juices from my face

p1947q 71M  
10 posts
9/14/2018 10:55 am

Voted for nothing at all because I love seeing a naked woman but I do find thongs and most panties intoxication. Not a big fan of ganny panty's though

bker4ever 60M  
116 posts
9/14/2018 2:35 pm

nothing at all would be my choice

Amoculi 63M
19 posts
9/14/2018 10:10 pm

Catching a first glimpse of a cute little pussy peaking out from under a skirt or long shirt is quite an attractive turn sight.

Looking at a woman's rear end, though, panties or thongs are both very hot, too. Except for granny panties of course, though I have known a few women who looked hot in any kind of underwear no matter how baggy or unfeminine, including men's jockeys and boxers. Consider that it isn't easy for a woman to look hot in a big pair of men's boxers, but they did.

KaiserSauzeChaos 50M  

9/16/2018 7:49 am

On a beautiful woman with a beautiful ass, and does not matter, it all looks incredible.

cutevirgin2017 30M
3 posts
9/16/2018 8:21 am

Love a woman with a thong/g-string on, particularly if you catch a peek when she bends over or crouches down....leaves more to imagination

feelupurpanties 41M
13 posts
9/18/2018 8:29 am

I like it all just to run my hands up her thighs and feel that meaty juicy wet mound of pussy mmmm panties thongs nothing at all switch it up so I can pleasure your pussy

virginguy4woman2 35M
72 posts
9/18/2018 3:42 pm


twangme2008 48M
2 posts
9/24/2018 10:47 am

I love your profile picture! She looks so thrilled to be holding you.

Dtts43rt35 60M
101 posts
9/25/2018 1:31 pm

Woman use what feels better more comfortable and hygienic

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