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brewercplplays 67 C
10  Articles
secret   11/18/2014

When performing oral sex, your man will always be greatful, for we all know how much a man LOVES to have his penis sucked, gently and lovingly nibbled, caressed and licked. But next time when oral pleasure calls, use an ICY, tasty popsicle right from the freezer! Surprise your man by starting to get him off orally with your usual technique, then STOP all of a sudden, without warning, stae at him ...

3 Comments, 155 Views, 13 Votes ,4.65 Score
spellfire2222 27 C
8  Articles
secret   11/18/2014

Here is a little trick to make your woman cum in 10 seconds or less?.. As she rides you, take your open hand, and press down on her stomach, right above the pelvic bone. You my want to try it lightly and then gradually press harder. But be warned guys!! When performing this technique, the sensation will be a "tighter" feeling. Sometimes I cream before she can get her's. But if you do this ...

11 Comments, 253 Views, 25 Votes ,6.23 Score
nisulovelust 33 M
0  Articles
Relationship   11/17/2014

My best mate rang the other morning asking me to come to his quickly! when i arrived i entred through his kitchen door, he called me through to his lounge, as i opened the door right in front was his step [aged 26] lying in the arm chair naked apart from her red bra with her legs over the arms of the chair as i looked closer i could see she had a large can up her pussy, i glanced to my mate who ...

2 Comments, 522 Views, 17 Votes ,4.82 Score
Tastin sweetness!!!   11/16/2014

For all you ladies who love a exploding cock in your mouth and for all you men who love to have a woman swallow instead of spit, pineapples are the key to a sweet explosion! ! A daily dose of fruit works even better for all the time sweetness!

4 Comments, 106 Views, 11 Votes ,5.97 Score
rm_robpsf415 27 M
12  Articles
Greatest Component   11/13/2014

What is the greatest component to pleasing each other mutually?

3 Comments, 39 Views, 5 Votes ,4.45 Score
rbbdstud 71 M
17  Articles
Married Men   11/13/2014

I love 3 ways M-F-M hell sex in genera Orgies are the best . With the right stimulation i just keep going and going like the pink bunny. I have met some wonderful couples on here and had some tremendous sex. I so love it when a man and wife team ravish my dick together licking and sucking and kissing it together and then take a turns riding it yummmmmmmmm hott . I don't know who i please the ...

6 Comments, 278 Views, 17 Votes ,5.39 Score
rm_goodsxwithu 53 C
10  Articles
What's in a name   11/12/2014

Do you name your penis?

12 Comments, 89 Views, 17 Votes ,4.82 Score
zootownG406 45 M
2  Articles
Terms of a womans orgasms   11/12/2014

Do you name yours?

0 Comments, 38 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
nice4now2 72 M
18  Articles
Mates step    11/12/2014

My best mate rang the other morning asking me to come to his quickly! when i arrived i entred through his kitchen door, he called me through to his lounge, as i opened the door right in front was his step [aged 26] lying in the arm chair naked apart from her red bra with her legs over the arms of the chair as i looked closer i could see she had a large can up her pussy, i glanced to my mate who ...

1 Comments, 655 Views, 24 Votes ,5.17 Score
Three way kisses   11/12/2014

Threesomes have always been a blast for me. I love daisy chaining yet I am often faced with couples who seem confused. They'll get the part about sucking and having somebody doing doggie, but then I get us all arranged where we are head to crotch in a general circle with our heads on each others legs. This adds a new dimension which seems fun. How many of you do this regularly? How many of ...

1 Comments, 87 Views, 6 Votes ,3.08 Score
HarshaNghty 27 M
10  Articles
The New Sex Rules   11/9/2014

Old rule: Both partners should be equally active in bed.

New rule: It's okay to relinquish all control sometimes — or to totally take over.

Yes, both of you should be getting equal satisfaction from your sex life, and, yes, men love it when you take an active role in your own pleasure. But that doesn't mean that every time you make love it has to be exactly 50/50. After all, ...

1 Comments, 57 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
HarshaNghty 27 M
10  Articles
Sex Secrets of Women Men Love   11/9/2014

1. Sex-loving women love to think about sex Conventional wisdom (backed by a certain amount of actual scientific research) says that men think about sex more often than women do. Well, not more than sex-loving women do. Rather than censoring their erotic thoughts, these women encourage them. They don't feel guilty about fantasizing, even if their fantasies are a bit kinky or feature some creative ...

4 Comments, 143 Views, 12 Votes ,4.92 Score
HarshaNghty 27 M
10  Articles
Sex Positions Every Guy Must Try 5   11/9/2014

Snow Angel

a.k.a. Bottom's Up

Benefits: She gets a prime view of your derriere.

This is challenging: She lies on her back while you straddle her facing away. She lifts her legs and wraps them around your back to elevate her pelvis so you can enter. She then grabs your butt to help you slide up and back. She can add a little massage action to her grip also.

Heat ...

4 Comments, 141 Views, 11 Votes ,2.79 Score
HarshaNghty 27 M
10  Articles
Sex Positions Every Guy Must Try 4   11/9/2014

The Fusion

a.k.a. Getting a Leg Up

Benefits: Quicker orgasms for her; easier motions.

From The Spider, she can lift her legs onto your shoulders, which increases the muscular tension that advances the orgasm sequence. By elevating her butt off the bed, it''ll be easier for her to thrust and grind in circles.

Heat Index: 5 stars

3 Comments, 85 Views, 12 Votes ,5.63 Score
HarshaNghty 27 M
10  Articles
Sex Positions Every Guy Must Try 3   11/9/2014

The Face Sitter

a.k.a. Hovering Dragonfly

Benefits: A comfortable position for the woman. An erotic one for you.

Rest a pillow behind her head, then straddle her shoulders. Support yourself by holding the bed's headboard or the wall.

Heat Index: 3 stars

0 Comments, 56 Views, 9 Votes ,4.49 Score
HarshaNghty 27 M
10  Articles
Sex Positions Every Guy Must Try   11/9/2014


a.k.a. Head Rush

Benefits: The blood will rush to your other head, too.

Lie back with your head and shoulders on the floor and have her move to the edge of the bed as she straddles you. The blood will rush to your head creating mind-blowing sensations as you climax.

5 Comments, 103 Views, 11 Votes ,4.48 Score
HarshaNghty 27 M
10  Articles
Couples Masturbation   11/9/2014

Couples who aren't ready to engage in sexual intercourse — or couples who would like a fun and intimate alternative to intercourse — can engage in mutual masturbation. This can involve touching and masturbating your partner, or touching yourself in the presence of your partner. Couples can masturbate simultaneously, while watching, listening to, or touching each other.

To enhance ...

2 Comments, 63 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
HarshaNghty 27 M
10  Articles
The Benefits of Masturbation   11/9/2014

A common concern is that masturbation will affect sexual performance or create sexual dysfunction. In fact, some experts believe masturbation improves your sexual responsiveness by giving you a better understanding of your body and how it responds to stimulation.

Masturbation can help men better control ejaculation and resolve problems with premature or delayed ejaculation. Women can use ...

2 Comments, 38 Views, 5 Votes ,2.82 Score
HarshaNghty 27 M
10  Articles
Masturbation Techniques   11/9/2014

Given the differences in anatomy, it makes sense that masturbation is a different experience for men and women.

Men nearly always masturbate by holding the shaft of the penis and stroking it in an up-and-down motion. The speed and pressure applied to stroking tends to increase until the man reaches orgasm.

Women enjoy a wider variety of masturbation techniques from which they ...

1 Comments, 74 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
Sexual Prime   11/8/2014

Curious when people considered themselves to be in their sexual prime -- and what makes them say this.

2 Comments, 16 Views, 0 Votes
the age secret   11/3/2014

Most women lie about their age. So would you be upset if after having had sex with someone they told you they were much older or much younger?

23 Comments, 227 Views, 29 Votes ,4.64 Score
tangie247 58 F
2  Articles
Is there a manual?   10/28/2014


I seem to run into 3 times of men.

1. Those who can make me tear up my bed.

2. The ones that fumble all over the place and,

3. Then the half assers.

I was wondering if there are any manuals to throw at the ones who can't seem to figure things out? Maybe women should carry these with us...

6 Comments, 82 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
prettyinpink838 40 C
6  Articles
It's more than you think   10/26/2014

Here's a little secret did you know that most women dream of having sex with another woman.

13 Comments, 308 Views, 31 Votes ,5.92 Score
southinfun 39 M
1  Article
how to make a girl squirt?   10/24/2014

looking for ways to get a girl to squirt anyone have any ideas?

10 Comments, 236 Views, 18 Votes ,3.94 Score
rmjennied20 37 C
10  Articles
Secret   10/19/2014

If you don't want a guy to cum in your mouth than here's a secret don't put his cock in your mouth.

12 Comments, 160 Views, 18 Votes ,5.17 Score
rmjennied20 37 C
10  Articles
Too much information   10/19/2014

We had a couple tell us lately that her husband could only cum if I put my finger up his ass while I played with him. That was one secret I'd rather not of heard.

6 Comments, 138 Views, 20 Votes ,4.53 Score
Kimhung10 33 T
5  Articles
BIG DICK GIRLS   10/17/2014

Why are some guys into girls with dicks but when yours bigger it makes them shy away even when they are hot, like what give get over the dick envy lol open wide an say agree?

18 Comments, 409 Views, 24 Votes ,5.06 Score
funcouplerus2 41 C
5  Articles
Here's a secret for all you single guys.   10/15/2014

Don't write to anyone whose profile you didn't read or couldn't read. You're just being obnoxious!!

7 Comments, 119 Views, 23 Votes ,6.05 Score
cum   10/11/2014

do you cum on purpose sometimes just to be annoying

5 Comments, 104 Views, 12 Votes ,2.09 Score
rm_josbo8567 57 M
1  Article
discovering a co-worker   10/10/2014

We worked in a car repair shop together. I'm married and he was attached. He was also 10 years younger than me. Big attractive, handsome dark hair, blue eyes. During the days, he would tell me stories about sex with his girlfriend and him. We went to a bar one day after work. The conversation became more heated and he told me him and his girlfriend watch bi-sex porn together. I got excited ...

1 Comments, 350 Views, 9 Votes ,3.21 Score
Sex with friends sister   10/9/2014

How do you tell your best friend of years that you got drunk with his little sister and ended up having sex

2 Comments, 189 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
bdogbudlong 41 M
1  Article
massaging and teasing   10/2/2014

i love to massage a woman and tease her with my strong hands make her melt and her body ache for more

6 Comments, 64 Views, 12 Votes ,4.04 Score
rm_TonyPar17 36 M
1  Article
Secrets to good sex   9/30/2014


6 Comments, 53 Views, 5 Votes ,0.53 Score
MRMAN181996 28 M
1  Article
Virginity   9/29/2014

Am I the only virgin here. I wanna no what sex with a woman feels like? What does it feel like you guys?

2 Comments, 46 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
How to find the best guys   9/28/2014

I truly think guys who brag the loudest get the attention. Women seem to thrive for the big mouth. Then later you hear them wondering how they ever hooked up with the guy. It is because the guys who they should have dated got pushed out of the way by the big mouth. We've all seen dogs in the street mating, the big drags the girl around.

Break out of that cycle. Click on the ...

3 Comments, 86 Views, 9 Votes ,4.07 Score
Mile high   9/21/2014

really enjoyed each other's company. All to soon though, we had to board the flight again, so said goodbye, thinking we wouldn't see each other again. I was sitting with my friends and we were enjoying a drink, when this lady approached ma and asked me if I would like to join the mile high club. Naturally enough, I said yes, so we disappeared into one of the toilets on the plane.

As soon ...

2 Comments, 236 Views, 18 Votes ,4.08 Score
nativekink6o 55 C
3  Articles
cummed on   9/21/2014

My girl friend of 7 years liked to fuck whoever she wanted too before we got together and at times even after we were a couple. Though i had caught her fucking around on me a few times i never told her. Though i told her i wanted to see her get fucked by other guys, she acted as though it was a bad ideaYet, thats what she was doing anyway. As time would pass she finally gave in. I loved it and ...

17 Comments, 784 Views, 52 Votes ,6.73 Score
nice4now2 72 M
18  Articles
super move   9/17/2014

After taking my daughters friend back to my pad she said she needed to sleep so i told her to use my bed as i only have one bedroom she said are you going to join me? i said if you want love, she said only to sleep, at the moment i am so tired, i said go on your own love i will call you later! she said its not that i dont want you again but i feel so sleepy, i took her in and she stripped as she ...

5 Comments, 818 Views, 38 Votes ,6.47 Score
nice4now2 72 M
18  Articles
oh dear?   9/16/2014

A friend of my rang me rather late the other night, [about 11.30 ish] she was in tears and wanted to know if my was at my place, in between her sobbs i gathered she had walked out of home so decided to jump in my car and go to her, i picked her up a few streets from her home and eventualy calmed her down, she had only been married a few months and had been working nights but had been taken ill ...

6 Comments, 859 Views, 33 Votes ,7.00 Score
avi_704 25 M
2  Articles
hi i m available i just wanna just fuck and lick ur pussy   9/15/2014

hii looking for women for nsa encounters in south delhi... any one out dere???

2 Comments, 50 Views, 8 Votes
best way to masturbate ?   9/9/2014

hi all first of all i dont know if i post the article in the right category or not ... i have a question i do masturbate a lot but sometime i dont enjoy it maybe because i do it the same way every time so iam asking you to give me all your ways to masturbate i need to reach the highest level of orgasm and pleasure .

notice if you gonna recommend me sex toys plz dont because i dont ...

13 Comments, 258 Views, 25 Votes ,4.35 Score
hotasiantaiwan 30 F
11  Articles
Breathing Exercises For Better Sex   9/8/2014

Good sex is really simple. That’s what makes it so complicated. There are countless ways to enhance the pleasure of sex. Sexual moisturizers and introducing sex toys into the bedroom are both ways to immediately start exploring new sexual avenues. Reading erotica, watching adult films together, finding new and exciting places to make love – all of these are exhilarating ways to have better ...

4 Comments, 63 Views, 11 Votes ,5.78 Score
hotasiantaiwan 30 F
11  Articles
How-to: Have Multiple Orgasms   9/8/2014

Slow Down & Get Comfortable

One of the secrets to achieving orgasms in general, let alone a number of them in one session, is your comfort. Make sure your immediate surroundings are optimal for orgasms – and if that means simply tidying up, then by all means do it. Once everything’s in place, take your time to tease yourself to the point that you’ve GOT TO have sex. Build that ...

9 Comments, 123 Views, 17 Votes ,4.54 Score
hotasiantaiwan 30 F
11  Articles
The Happy Ending   9/8/2014

Oooooh # 4: Multiple Orgasms What?

Men and women experience pleasure in different ways, and that’s especially true of the holy grail of sexual highs: the multiple orgasm. In what must be nature’s cruelest oversight, guys need a period of downtime right after ejaculation before they’re able to become aroused again. Women, on the other hand, are hardwired altogether differently, ...

4 Comments, 64 Views, 7 Votes ,5.08 Score
hotasiantaiwan 30 F
11  Articles
What Are The Different Types of Orgasm?   9/8/2014


The clitoris is a remarkable thing. The erogenous hot-spot for women, it boasts a sensational 8, 000 nerve endings and is the only human organ designed solely for pleasure. Although the majority of the not-so-average clitoris is actually hidden inside the body, that all-important external sweet spot towards the top of the vulva make clitoral orgasms ripe for both kinds of play – ...

4 Comments, 72 Views, 12 Votes ,6.51 Score
hotasiantaiwan 30 F
11  Articles
Wedding Night Sex   9/8/2014

It used to be that couples would wait until their wedding night for the chance to finally experience each other sexually. This thankfully is not the case anymore, especially considering our own data surmising that the average couple will be together for nearly 3 years before becoming engaged. Then, the majority of engagement periods last between 12-18 months, meaning that your relationship is ...

3 Comments, 99 Views, 5 Votes ,4.12 Score
19shortydawg78 35 M
1  Article
Requirements 4 going down town!!!   9/4/2014

There are only a few things that NEED to be done to a pussy prior to going down.

#1 It is 2014, so there must not be any hair!!! NONE!!!!

#2 There must be ZERO or less then zero stink down there!

#3 Ladies lets try to have it look less like an open-faced beef sammy!!!

That's all I got 4 now!

1 Comments, 48 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
love   8/31/2014

I first met her mom when my wife introduced me to the new neighbor, a single woman with her very young 10 yr. old . The woman was very beautiful and thin with jet black hair and very small breasts (such a turn no for me) and a smile that would melt any man. Her was blonde and very very cute with a smile and eyes that were so cute / beautiful she knew she could get what she wanted with a glance ...

5 Comments, 712 Views, 35 Votes ,7.91 Score
rm_RobCarl69 53 M
1  Article
A guide to good anal sex for guys: do it on yourself!   8/26/2014

I'm a guy. I love anal sex. Not just because it is tight, but more because it mentally arouses me as something dirty, forbidden. However, it took me a while to figure out how to make it pleasurable for her. My first experience was in my mid-thirties with a girlfriend who was into very much everything, so she initiated anal sex with me and since then I got hooked. However, after her, I had two ...

11 Comments, 619 Views, 34 Votes ,5.76 Score
What do woman really enjoy?   8/21/2014

When it comes to sex what do you woman prefer? Oral pleasure before any insertion is made? Or do you enjoy building up to penetration with teasing the pussy with the cock tip? What is your opinion on this matter ladies?

1 Comments, 88 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
Cock size   8/19/2014

Do girls really care about a guys size? What if the guy can satisfy the girl without a problem and keeps her engaged with his cock. As they say "the motion in the ocean" does it really matter or is size and thickness all a girl wants?

6 Comments, 148 Views, 9 Votes ,5.14 Score
merxth100 67 M
5  Articles
For the Ladies, How long?   8/19/2014

I love going down on a woman and having her ass buck up her pussy while I am licking her clit. I have never had a woman complain that I was down there too long. How long do you like it ladies?

2 Comments, 82 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score


13 Comments, 203 Views, 14 Votes ,5.38 Score
nice4now2 72 M
18  Articles
brunos follow on   8/9/2014

As we moved onto the bed my wife was so randy she pushed me onto my back on the bed and swung her leg over my body grasping my cock and aimed it to her still dripping cunt she bounced up and down like a wild thing wispering in my ear come on lover give me yours before bruno fucks me again, this made me push up against her wet pussy even harder then she said no bruno no!! i could not see what he ...

3 Comments, 1069 Views, 36 Votes ,6.95 Score
Great Sex Unzipped So How’s Your Sex Life? Here Are 6 Tips for Making It Great   8/8/2014

If you’re like a lot of men, chances are it wasn’t. At least, the sex wasn’t as good as you think it could have been.

Recommended Related to Men Going Long: Secrets of Male Longevity Give it up, Ponce de León — there are no magical fountains of youth out there, no miraculous ways to achieve a longer life. But while medical experts caution against hormone supplements, vitamin ...

2 Comments, 68 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
7 Sex secrets women want men to know   8/8/2014

A good talk is a great aphrodisiac Many women find talk a great turn-on. For them, talking and feeling loved are very important. Good conversation during walks or while the couple is relaxing can be a great aphrodisiac. A man could tell his woman how much he loves her, which acts as a reassurance that he is with her mentally during those intimate moments.

Many women are anxious about ...

11 Comments, 286 Views, 26 Votes ,5.83 Score
The Art Of Rough Sex   8/8/2014

Here's How She Wants You To Play It In The Bedroom

Making love is an integral part of most couple's lives, and while some couples stick to the basic, vanilla sex, others opt to venture into more dangerous territory, hence rough sex. Rough sex need not involve violence (unless she's into that sort of thing), but it can be whatever you want it to be and you can take it as far as you and ...

1 Comments, 160 Views, 9 Votes ,3.85 Score
5 Female Sex Secrets - Secret 2   8/8/2014

She doesn’t like never-ending sex This is faking-it territory. Don’t believe the hype: Being the man means being a man and knowing when to just sit back and relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor. A happy girl on your hands is great, so don’t blow your own rep by trying to prove yourself. Yes, love machines exist, but aren’t they wired to just keep on pounding away? Aren’t they made ...

2 Comments, 103 Views, 9 Votes ,3.64 Score
5 Female Sex Secrets - Secret 1   8/8/2014

secret 1

She likes period sex Generally, this is true, but there are rules. It can tend to get very wet very quickly; throwing a sausage down Niagara Falls may be a more appropriate description. And make sure you are both showered and clean. The other problem you may face is temporary vaginal dryness. If she uses tampons, expect a little uncomfortable friction after she removes it to ...

1 Comments, 110 Views, 7 Votes ,4.06 Score
biggrodd4u2 30 M
0  Articles
i like pain   8/5/2014

I wanna be punished. Picked on by a group. N treated like a nasty cock barring . Please. U have no idea how bad I have been

1 Comments, 18 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
10inchfuck4fun 28 M
1  Article
effects of pills   7/26/2014

The use of pills for d growth of penis is always harmful .. Eat healthier stay fit.. U r nt meant to be a pornstar. Is ur supposed to be such.. Just bow down nd suck ur dick.. Coz its nt goin to work due to excessive exhausting.. Sex iz natural dont play or modifiy it.

5 Comments, 90 Views, 9 Votes ,2.78 Score
rm_Freemofo1978 40 M
1  Article
are u tired of lusting after trannies and just ready to find one good one?   7/25/2014

this is for the pulitzer! i just thought i would write a heartfelt article about what its like being attracted to the trannies you see in porn but never crossing paths with one that look that way in actuality. And okay, its not all about the aesthetic actually, but it has a lot to do with it. At this point in my life i would sacrifice aesthetic appeal just to know a real experience with a ...

6 Comments, 155 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
jeffmaria4fun 57 C
3  Articles
magic wand   7/23/2014

The magic wand massager is orgasmic! Will make you cum every time whether male or female.

8 Comments, 161 Views, 12 Votes ,4.57 Score
squirting   7/23/2014

girls, if your partner cant make u squirt he isnt good in bed yes you can all squirt

9 Comments, 203 Views, 17 Votes ,1.99 Score
tomriddle3 42 M
1  Article
Used panties   7/20/2014

How common is it for men to get off on girls used panties? It's always been a major turn on for me, and I'll often try to hang onto a girls underwear, so I can have a sniff., or even a taste of her pussy later while masturbating. I know some girls think this is a massive turn on, what does everyone here think?

2 Comments, 105 Views, 10 Votes ,4.78 Score
vazzaam1 37 M
7  Articles
Limit your number of sexual partners   7/19/2014

Choose sexual partners smartly to avoid risks, and avoid sex with anyone who doesn't practice safely and respect your wishes.

5 Comments, 59 Views, 14 Votes ,6.18 Score
Linc1912 47 M
11  Articles
Conducting research for the G spot orgasm   7/15/2014

I think I have a nice bag of tricks in my sex bag. Im not a 1position then cum kinda dude.

For years I was curious to the infamous G spot orgasm. Make a woman come from this and she'll sign over her car lease!

But for once, I needed help. I called upon a good friend who wouldn't bullshit me, and is pretty intimate with mr Gspot.

She came over, and we talked, and told ...

2 Comments, 86 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
Am I a nympho?   7/13/2014

Me, for the last year and a half with guys from here or another site......

A knock at my front door, I'm wearing a short low cut dress with a zipper on the back, no panties or bra..... I open the door and let him in and close the door behind him...... He stands there, I reach out and rub his cock to break the ice, I feel him getting instantly hard, I drop to my knees...unzip and unsnap ...

44 Comments, 954 Views, 89 Votes ,8.58 Score
Suman64248214 35 M
6  Articles
musturbation by my wife   7/10/2014

I work as a secretary for a small office. My desk is up front right in the door and everyone’s offices are in the back.

By: Jorge Mejía peralta. One day everyone had stepped out except for one lady who was in her office. The phone was uncharacteristically quiet so my thoughts started to drift. I was thinking of my love. He makes my heart melt and I couldn’t help but stare ...

2 Comments, 342 Views, 10 Votes ,5.38 Score
eSex2004 47 M
7  Articles
Don't fall for the big cock trap!   7/9/2014

Caution for all the ladies! Before you decide to go for big cock!

It look attractive and nice but it is extremely painful and unfortunately you will never able to get good pleasure sexual experience after that.

Please do some research and get feedback from those who try it before and mostly are unpleasant except those who has to keep looking for bigger and bigger size.


1 Comments, 86 Views, 6 Votes ,0.80 Score
plumpick 65 M
1  Article
Women with big clitoris -- cum easier? Squirt?   7/9/2014

I've been with, and very much enjoyed, a few women who have big clits (God bless 'em!). I have found that they are able to cum any time the wind blows. And, they're able to squirt as well. I am wondering if this is a common trait among women with big clits. Can anyone confirm or deny?

1 Comments, 77 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
Best positions - Missionary   7/8/2014

Yes, the good old missionary position.

It offers unparalleled closeness and smoochability for those lovemaking sessions where emotions are everything. For variation, try it lying on your sides.

It is also claimed to be the best start for a first attempt at anal sex, with a small pillow under her butt. I have actually never tried anal in this position.

1 Comments, 41 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
LetMeTaste_U 41 M
3  Articles
best position!   7/6/2014

Perhaps one of the more popular sex positions, with the Reverse Cowgirl the angle of the penis through the front wall of the vagina stimulates the area of her G-spot. She'll be happy and so will you. Cowgirl hat not required, but highly suggested.

4 Comments, 44 Views, 9 Votes ,4.71 Score
LetMeTaste_U 41 M
3  Articles
Tip that works!   7/6/2014

Frankly, the missionary position is the position least likely to bring a woman to climax. But there is a subtle adjustment you can make that can increase your chances of having an orgasm: the coital alignment technique, or CAT. Have your partner move his entire body up about two inches. Your partner's pubic bone will rest on top of yours so that the base of his penis presses on your clitoris. ...

3 Comments, 47 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
prateek_handsome 35 M
10  Articles
how many times do u have it in a week   7/2/2014

tell the number of times u have the act in a week wid ur wife/gf/bf/fiance/husband/spouse wateva i mean ur partner thanx in advance

3 Comments, 41 Views, 3 Votes ,0.98 Score
MetalMatt79 48 M
3  Articles
Cock size and site hook ups.   7/1/2014

it seems to me that gay guys like cock size more then Women . To the point that the girls will avoid a big cock and give you no play whatsoever while the gays and ts will hit you all day and night . Well a little more than 2 years later and not even 1 female on Oahu in HI has taken me up on a sex proposal , Lots of flakes and "NO's" tho . What about the cam model thing , and what do the ladies ...

7 Comments, 187 Views, 12 Votes ,4.39 Score
MetalMatt79 48 M
3  Articles
Cock size and site hook ups.   7/1/2014

it seems to me that gay guys like cock size more then Women . To the point that the girls will avoid a big cock and give you no play whatsoever while the gays and ts will hit you all day and night . Well a little more than 2 years later and not even 1 female on Oahu in HI has taken me up on a sex proposal , Lots of flakes and "NO's" tho . What about the cam model thing , and what do the ladies ...

2 Comments, 43 Views, 0 Votes
MetalMatt79 48 M
3  Articles
Cock size and site hook ups.   7/1/2014

it seems to me that gay guys like cock size more then Women . To the point that the girls will avoid a big cock and give you no play whatsoever while the gays and ts will hit you all day and night . Well a little more than 2 years later and not even 1 female on Oahu in HI has taken me up on a sex proposal , Lots of flakes and "NO's" tho . What about the cam model thing , and what do the ladies ...

2 Comments, 55 Views, 2 Votes ,1.73 Score
musicmanstud1 47 M
3  Articles
Best Orgasm Ever   6/30/2014

How many women have actually experienced a mind-blowing orgasm? What did your partner do that was just right and led to you exploding. I'm curious if it's the g-spot, clitoris, or some other focus.

1 Comments, 43 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
musicmanstud1 47 M
3  Articles
Best Orgasm Ever   6/30/2014

How many women have actually experienced a mind-blowing orgasm? What did your partner do that was just right and led to you exploding. I'm curious if it's the g-spot, clitoris, or some other focus.

2 Comments, 42 Views, 3 Votes ,3.43 Score
lovecasualfun00 24 M
3  Articles
hey ladies   6/29/2014

send me ur pussy pics...whatever color or shaved or hairy..i love dick pics for u..if u feeling its unfair

1 Comments, 20 Views, 0 Votes
spicewetme 33 F
8  Articles
5 Female Sex Secrets   6/27/2014

1. She likes period sex 2. She doesn’t like never-ending sex 3.She thinks fingers can be unpleasant 4.She likes trying new things 5.She’s horny in the morning

6 Comments, 129 Views, 17 Votes ,3.97 Score
For Sucking   6/20/2014

when do sex than suck the pussy its test so testy..... and so so delicious....

1 Comments, 50 Views, 4 Votes ,3.25 Score
SomeBrownGuy01 30 M
1  Article
Emotion and Sex   6/19/2014

How much does the emotional connection influence the pleasure you have during sex?

I would like to hear from both males and females

2 Comments, 25 Views, 3 Votes ,4.90 Score
rm_c3po6699 40 M
2  Articles
BIG SURPRISE   6/19/2014


2 Comments, 115 Views, 3 Votes ,0.49 Score
rm_cuck488 71 M
3  Articles
HER STORY   6/12/2014

I had been trying to get my wife into swinging for quite some time with no success so i tried a new tact to see if i could get her to try on her own.i knew that she liked getting attention from men and loved to flirt. i just wondered just how far she would go so i talked to a friend of mine who really had a way with women. i knew that he had the hots for her so i asked him if he wanted to see ...

18 Comments, 998 Views, 41 Votes ,7.16 Score
rm_OC_Joel3 55 M
10  Articles
When is Oral too much?   6/10/2014

Is there such a thing of too much oral?

15 Comments, 134 Views, 12 Votes ,3.51 Score
no secrecy   6/9/2014

wants to fuck & play with middle age young lady with agreat ass

2 Comments, 38 Views, 1 Votes ,3.70 Score
merxth100 67 M
5  Articles
TS/TV/TG ? Any experiences?   6/6/2014

I have been contacted by a few of the above mentioned and am curious to try. Anyone care to care to share their experiences? Thx to All.

8 Comments, 196 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
best friends sister   6/3/2014

i had a had a thing with my friends sister every time we would hang out and he would leave the room we would make out like animals. eventually making out went to fingering her. haha that happened every where. finally when we decided to have sex we did it in the changing room of a Victoria Secret, it was great a small lap dance before and some foreplay but that funny thing was her trying to ...

5 Comments, 503 Views, 18 Votes ,4.35 Score
merxth100 67 M
5  Articles
Getting the wife to open up about her fanatsies....any suggestions?   6/2/2014

My wife and I have a healthy sex life, but I always get the feeling she wants to try more things, sexually, but is reluctant to open up about it. I don't know if she is embarrassed or afraid she might shock me. Any suggestions? Thanks

4 Comments, 275 Views, 10 Votes ,3.98 Score
sexy undies   5/29/2014

Love to know what women think of married men dressing up behind they wife's back? Because i do and it's such a turn on for me wearing stockings, suspenders, tight, etc & posting them for you all to see, is there any other hubbys also who do the same by the way I'm NOT gay or bi totally straight, so thats my sex secret.

Hope you enjoy the picture, let me know please.

8 Comments, 264 Views, 13 Votes ,3.98 Score
rm_OC_Joel3 55 M
10  Articles
Why is anal sex so good?   5/24/2014

Do woman prefer anal sex? If so, do you like it before or after having traditional sex?

1 Comments, 238 Views, 9 Votes ,4.28 Score
panty sniffing,self anal stretch at the motel Part 1 chapter 1 of 10   5/24/2014

I'm a 40 yo sma. I party and like to occasionaly tweek out . I love to jack off, watch porn, shove dildos up my ass, matter a fact, i have a large cucumber up my asshole as i write this story. It feels so good to have my ass stretched open.My favorite deviant behavior I do is, get some meth, get high preferably have a cheap motel room. a nice big dildo, some porn and vasaline to make it all ...

1 Comments, 194 Views, 3 Votes ,0.49 Score
rm_OC_Joel3 55 M
10  Articles
Do woman love giving oral more than men?   5/21/2014

What entices a woman to want to give oral (i.e., control over the man, something that comes natural, etc...)?

3 Comments, 112 Views, 4 Votes ,4.80 Score
rm_OC_Joel3 55 M
10  Articles
Do woman love giving oral more than men?   5/21/2014

What entices a woman to want to give oral (i.e., control over the man, something that comes natural, etc...)?

0 Comments, 56 Views, 4 Votes ,3.63 Score
Paul_Maverick196 53 M
4  Articles
Drive Her Wild   5/15/2014

Not sure what they are called in the US, but in the UK, you can drive a woman wild when giving her oral b having an Extra Strong Mint in your mouth or on your tongue. Warn her first though because the sensation can be quite intense.


Some love it, others hate it, but if you find one who loves it - BOOM!

9 Comments, 117 Views, 11 Votes ,4.66 Score
thislustfulmind 42 M
28  Articles
Due to popular demand - more oral sex tips for men on how to pleaser HER   5/7/2014

I’ve been told that most men don’t know how to give great oral pleasure to a woman. They’re too rough, too gentle, can’t sense the rhythm or pressure she enjoys or find it and then change to something else too quickly.

It’s because a guy assumes that a woman wants what he wants the way he wants it and tries to please her the way he likes to be pleased. She’s not, so let me ...

9 Comments, 404 Views, 24 Votes ,6.99 Score
thislustfulmind 42 M
28  Articles
Sex Position of the day - The Lusty Lean   5/6/2014

Your sweetie stands facing you as you squat on a bed or chair with your back to him. Lean on his chest as he steadies you by placing his hands under your rear. He then enters you from behind.

Why You'll Love It:

Leaning back on his chest with his biceps bracing your weight, you'll feel totally taken care of — and he'll feel more studly than a first-string stallion. Plus, this ...

2 Comments, 92 Views, 11 Votes ,5.97 Score
thislustfulmind 42 M
28  Articles
Scientists Rank Our Most Erotic Body Parts   5/6/2014

A recent study looked at 41 male and female erogenous zones on 800 subjects in two different continents and ranked them in terms of their level of sexual arousal. Behold, the creepy erogenous zone chart illustrating the findings. Most popular for both men and women were the genitals (duh), followed by lips, ears, inner thighs, and the shoulder blades. Coming in at the bottom of the list were ...

2 Comments, 104 Views, 6 Votes ,4.22 Score
My secret   5/2/2014

I went to the local adult book store last week to get a little more than the wife will give. I went in and the normal crowd all guys not even a hot cross dresser. I hung out for a while , went into a booth with a glory hole once or twice. Just nothing that got me going. Just when I was about to leave in walks a couple. It is dark and every guy in the place starts to swarm around them. I wait for ...

7 Comments, 968 Views, 38 Votes ,6.97 Score
thislustfulmind 42 M
28  Articles
Sex Position of the day - The Couch Canoodle   4/30/2014

Have your partner sit back on a couch (or a comfy chair). Straddle his lap with your legs splayed apart and your knees bent up against his chest. Slowly lean back so you're almost upside down with your arms stretched behind you (all the way to the floor) to support your weight and maintain your balance. Thrust back and forth against him, opening and closing your legs.

Why You'll Love It: ...

0 Comments, 57 Views, 7 Votes ,5.59 Score
thislustfulmind 42 M
28  Articles
Sex Position of the day - Side Wind-her   4/30/2014

Lie on your side and raise your top leg, keeping your bottom leg straight on the bed. Your man straddles your bottom thigh and hugs your raised leg as you rest your calf on his shoulder. Once he enters you, have him wind and whirl his hips as he thrusts for maximum pleasure.

Why You'll Love It:

All that gyrating ensures that your man’s every thrust hits a new pleasure zone ...

2 Comments, 71 Views, 8 Votes ,5.10 Score
thislustfulmind 42 M
28  Articles
Sex Position of the day - Saucy Spoons   4/28/2014

Lie on your sides with him behind you so you’re both facing the same direction. Push your butt toward him as he enters you. Put your hand on his and show him how you want your clitoris to be touched. Have him alternate between there and your breasts.

Why You'll Love It:

His hands can explore even the most tucked-away areas of your private parts. And your digits can give him ...

1 Comments, 30 Views, 4 Votes ,4.02 Score
thislustfulmind 42 M
28  Articles
Sex Position of the day - X Marks the Spot   4/27/2014

Lie back on your bed (or on any soft surface) with a pillow placed under your head. Bring your knees up to your breasts and cross your legs at your ankles. Your guy kneels right in front of you with his legs touching, leans in, and pulls your hips onto his angled lap. Keep your thighs glued together and gently press your feet against his chest for leverage as he slowly enters you. You can stroke ...

4 Comments, 53 Views, 9 Votes ,4.71 Score
thislustfulmind 42 M
28  Articles
How to eat pussy   4/27/2014

How to eat pussy

2 Comments, 168 Views, 10 Votes ,4.58 Score
rm_OC_Joel3 55 M
10  Articles
More that one FWB   4/26/2014

how many people have had more then one FWB at the same time...???

6 Comments, 81 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
vinandkat187onu 47 C
1  Article
When & Why ur man/lady does'nt want sex! Why?   4/19/2014

My man & I normaly have a great relationship, except when it comes to the bedroom. Our sex life; although great when having it; has became few & far between. Well, basically when he feels the urge. He says that what I do to him is what he enjoys. But, why has it droped off drastically? Would love too get an explanation from him. But too no success of mine. Please help if possiable. Thank You.=)

1 Comments, 69 Views, 1 Votes ,2.40 Score
Luve4u 30 M
2  Articles
Joy of sex   4/15/2014

I think mature women can give us more pleasure than young girls what do u say guys

11 Comments, 134 Views, 13 Votes ,2.98 Score
Tell us about your favorite sexual encounter.   4/13/2014


Well seeing that I'm a virgin... there is nothing honestly nothing to tell but I can tell you perhaps one of the most erotic moments of my life. It started on my birthday, not one I care to remember and where I had once again broken my vow of not being a virgin.

Even now I couldn't tell you what possessed me but I decided to go for a walk in these woods near my old ...

1 Comments, 140 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
norwoodgangbang 40 M
1  Article
do women like dp's?   4/7/2014

2 cocks in 1 hole?

8 Comments, 294 Views, 15 Votes ,3.13 Score
rm_Reggie3vio 29 M
1  Article
Breastfeeding during sex.   3/29/2014

Yes, actual breastfeeding! Sucking out the warm, delicious milk from two huge breasts, and soft, soaring nipples. The man very satisfied and happy by swallowing those beautiful squirts of fresh milk, and the woman aroused and tickled from her tingling nipples as it pumps out milk and licked whole-heartedly by the tongue. No other feeling is better than that! That flavor and quality of those ...

2 Comments, 98 Views, 11 Votes ,3.92 Score
countryheat4u 49 C
1  Article
First time for 420 and sex   3/29/2014

We are a pretty normal, laid back married couple. I just started tring 420 about a year ago for my headacks . late one night my husband said i should take a hit. Never really tried it before but i did it was really good stuff. I got pretty high it worked on my headacks & I ended up having sex for hours. Never had sex felt so good nor have i ever came so hard. It took me into a new sexual world. ...

16 Comments, 588 Views, 45 Votes ,6.95 Score
thislustfulmind 42 M
28  Articles
Sex Position of the day - Niagra Falls   3/28/2014

Facing the faucet, kneel in a tub that’s already filled with warm water. Inch up so your body is very close to the water flow, then lean forward and hold the wall or sides of the tub for balance. Your guy climbs in behind you and, also kneeling, enters you from behind. As he thrusts, guide the water stream with your hand from the faucet or detachable showerhead between your legs.

Why ...

2 Comments, 109 Views, 7 Votes ,2.79 Score
BigDaddy36085 29 M
1  Article
Swallowing   3/23/2014

I find it a massive turn on for a woman to swallow a man's cum. Its the ultimate form of the woman's acceptance of the man's body, makes him, or me feel so loved and accepted, at same time so extremely erotic. Further fascination with this lead me for research and find that semen actually has lots of vitamins and minerals as well as protein from the body. This also explains why you feel so tired ...

6 Comments, 193 Views, 12 Votes ,3.51 Score
bedseeker069 35 F
4  Articles
5 Sex Secrets She Will Never Reveal To You   3/21/2014

Secret #1- She doesn't want you to go for hours

Many guys think the key to pleasing a woman is to have the sexual stamina of a marathon runner and go for hours. The problem is women get tired (and sore) during a long sex session. Secretly your woman wants you to please her without subjecting her to a lengthy sex session. If you can please her in a half an hour, then she really won't care ...

6 Comments, 72 Views, 4 Votes ,4.80 Score
BCFORFUN20132 55 M
8  Articles
Ladies.... Sucking and licking balls   3/18/2014

I love when it happens! How do I ensure it happen more often? You are the target demographic so I would love to get your feedback

11 Comments, 167 Views, 9 Votes ,3.21 Score
Which is your Choice Giving or taking Oral   3/8/2014

I love to have oral sex. Love to lick chew and eat pussy. Do you like giving your pussy for eating or taking the cock in your mouth

5 Comments, 122 Views, 14 Votes ,4.74 Score
Which is your Choice Giving or taking Oral   3/8/2014

I love to have oral sex. Love to lick chew and eat pussy. Do you like giving your pussy for eating or taking the cock in your mouth

4 Comments, 38 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
crazypoland 28 F
1  Article
Anal first time   3/5/2014

Write about your first time when You had your first time anal sex. Did you enjowy it, why do you try?

21 Comments, 882 Views, 42 Votes ,5.08 Score
9inDesire 39 M
5  Articles
I love pussy   3/3/2014

I found out during one love session that I liked the taste, the smell and the softness of pussy. With a few kisses and a flick of my tongue and I was hooked. I was so into eating, diving, licking or whatever phrase you want to use, that I wanted to learn more about it. I watched an ass load of porno with just the heading "Eat pussy", than I soon found out that the shit ...

2 Comments, 289 Views, 24 Votes ,5.06 Score
rm_mizspepe024 31 LC
2  Articles
missionary position   3/1/2014

There are quite a lot of different positions for sexual intercourse. One of the most common is the missionary position, where a woman lies on her back and a man lies on top of her. A man and woman might also lie on their sides, the woman may sit on top of the man, or she may kneel on all fours while the man puts his penis into her vagina from behind. If a couple are in a position where the ...

1 Comments, 31 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
Adamparadise 32 M
1  Article
Sex   2/26/2014


3 Comments, 43 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
hotbtweenlgs77 45 F
2  Articles
Myths about sex...   2/23/2014

A Man's ejaculation is much faster than a woman's orgasm.

The normal physical response is for the man to experience climax, and therefore, ejaculate approximately 1 to 3 minutes after penetrating the vagina. A woman however experiences climax after 12 to 14 minutes after intercourse. When a man comes much sooner you do not give complete pleasure to your partner. Yes, she maybe giving and ...

19 Comments, 454 Views, 44 Votes ,4.94 Score
9inDesire 39 M
5  Articles
My wonderful Gap   2/21/2014

I don’t have perfect teeth. In fact, I have a very noticeable gap between my two front upper teeth. This was something that stared developing as a and now it is a unique characteristic of image. I have been asked if I wanted to have this aspect of my dental structure changed. My answer to that every time is “Hell No!!!”; and for good reason. This is my secret sex tool for a special ...

1 Comments, 107 Views, 8 Votes ,3.94 Score
One of the Best Secrets to Sex is Staying in Shape; Therefore Building One's Stamina   2/2/2014

You've got to stay in shape.

It's amazing, really.

I was with a couple last Saturday from 10 a.m. until one o'clock in the morning.

I've never, EVER, been with any two people that could be sexually active for more than 12 hours straight.

If they weren't on me, they were fucking one another while I watched (and rested).

I asked them how they do ...

2 Comments, 249 Views, 24 Votes ,5.06 Score
rm_versatyke1 69 M
0  Articles
the making of my bisexuality   1/29/2014

From a very young age I have been interested in the feeling of having something in my ass. I suppose I started with things such as pens and pencils when at school. At the time never even thinking about being bisexual, just enjoying my body my own way.

As time and the years went by I did all the usual things like marriage and still never thinking I might be bi. Eventually married sex ...

9 Comments, 585 Views, 24 Votes ,6.88 Score
rm_versatyke1 69 M
0  Articles
the making of my bisexuality   1/29/2014

From a very young age I have been interested in the feeling of having something in my ass. I suppose I started with things such as pens and pencils when at school. At the time never even thinking about being bisexual, just enjoying my body my own way.

As time and the years went by I did all the usual things like marriage and still never thinking I might be bi. Eventually married sex ...

1 Comments, 149 Views, 3 Votes ,2.94 Score
2  Articles
SEDUCED BY 2MEN   1/25/2014

ANYBODY else enjoy being used by 2 men at once? I had first experience at a nudist resort.A man told me I had a nice cock I"M all shaved smooth, and did I want a BJ I agreed , and followed him to wooded spot . HE gave a great BJ , I got hard , and his freind came, and started playing with my nipples, meantime I was getting two fingers up my ass!I had a great time was nerver so aroused! I"M ...

6 Comments, 642 Views, 17 Votes ,5.11 Score
2  Articles
SEDUCED BY 2MEN   1/25/2014

ANYBODY else enjoy being used by 2 men at once? I had first experience at a nudist resort.A man told me I had a nice cock I"M all shaved smooth, and did I want a BJ I agreed , and followed him to wooded spot . HE gave a great BJ , I got hard , and his freind came, and started playing with my nipples, meantime I was getting two fingers up my ass!I had a great time was nerver so aroused! I"M ...

1 Comments, 186 Views, 11 Votes ,5.22 Score
solidsingh2 29 M
6  Articles
SEX SECRETS   1/25/2014





SO KEEP IT SAFE, DON"T BARGAIN....................................


1 Comments, 45 Views, 10 Votes ,2.99 Score
annie444u 52 C
135  Articles
The secret to making HustlerPersonals work for you   1/23/2014

Time and Patience...

Patience and Time...

has made HustlerPersonals work for us

When we first got on HustlerPersonals we had four quick contacts and eight very, very successful meetings over a course of just four months then, nothing, dry spell, dry well

It was like Danny was standing at his favorite fishing hole casting and casting day after day ...

9 Comments, 212 Views, 38 Votes ,5.31 Score
Redhead_Rams 32 M
2  Articles
Rimjobs?   1/19/2014

Hello everyone! This subject is one you might have come across interacting with other users on HustlerPersonals; the awkwardly sudden topic of rimjobs.

I personally am an open minded guy in sack, but what is your opinion on rimjobs? quite a few of the member I've chatted with (woman) seem really into it, so it kinda surprises me.

What is your opinion on Rimjobs? What do you find exciting or ...

8 Comments, 193 Views, 13 Votes ,3.31 Score
TX_dreamer2005 56 M
1  Article
My secrets   1/12/2014

I have been married for over 20 years and have 3 wonderful . Anyone that has met me would never think I was bisexual. However, the truth be told my first sexual experience was with a guy. When I was 12 me my best friend explored each other for 6 months until he got a girlfriend. It all started when we were were looking at porn mags. My friend made a comment wondering what it would feel like to ...

7 Comments, 919 Views, 31 Votes ,7.27 Score
eaglerock30 63 M
2  Articles
a bisexual fantasy   1/11/2014

This is a story about a fantasy I have. It is dealing with bdsm and bisexual sex. If you don't like either don't read this.

I have a fantasy of going to a house on a Saturday and when I get there and there are a number of couples. I am told to strip and after they inspect me they put clothes pins on my nipples and cock and balls and other parts of my body and then I am told to go and ...

2 Comments, 266 Views, 9 Votes ,5.35 Score
Role playing   1/3/2014

I have done some role playing, I have never fully got into it to dress up, but apparently these are to top role playing fantasies out there

#1 Doctor/Nurse and Patient

This is one of the most popular fantasies that men and women share. There’s just something so hot about a naughty nurse or doctor giving that extra bit of “care” to their patient! Give your partner’s body ...

3 Comments, 74 Views, 6 Votes ,2.80 Score
rm_doc4104 33 M
2  Articles
Have Silent Sex—See Who Moans First   1/2/2014

To spice up things between both. Challenge one another to have silent sex- see who moans first. the one who moans first will be slave for other.

Try and do tell how was it...

1 Comments, 20 Views, 7 Votes ,4.57 Score
CvnningLyngvyst 44 M
1  Article
Multi-orgasmic men   12/11/2013

Any other guys out there who are multi-orgasmic?

How did you find out you could have multiple orgasms?

My first experience was when I was 18. I was dating a 16y/o girl with an insatiable sexual appetite - like me.

One evening she started sucking my cock. several blissful minutes in, I had my first orgasm. She just sucked it all down and kept working. I thought I was ...

10 Comments, 318 Views, 18 Votes ,4.35 Score
Do woman cum on top the most or clitoral sastisfaction?   12/11/2013

I notice that woman never come in doggy or sideways positions, ? is what do they like more soaking a cock while sitting on it or just getting there pussy eatn out?

2 Comments, 39 Views, 0 Votes
Make The Best Cum   12/8/2013

we all know pineapple sweetens ur semen n eating celery helps with thickness is there any other secrets u know off

3 Comments, 319 Views, 12 Votes ,2.98 Score
Pleasing her   12/3/2013

Men you should do whatever it takes to please your lady. It has been my experience that a well pleased lady will more than return the favor. As it is, you hit and quit it men make me look very good.

0 Comments, 49 Views, 4 Votes ,4.80 Score
solidsingh2 29 M
6  Articles
KISS   11/30/2013

KISS is KEY to start SEX from Top Floor.

If u Pass, then u go to 2ND Floor to play BASKETBALL,

If u Pass again, then u go to Ground Floor to play SNOOKER.

0 Comments, 19 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
Sexy neighbour   11/29/2013

All work and no sex made me carve more for her ass ?* it was all during the renovation of my house that i started feeling bored handling all the stuff the supervision of workers and dealing with brokers but all i was happy for my neighbours they are nice family, i met them over dinner many times during which i could gain on the trust of the family members. Once i was sitting in the house feeling ...

3 Comments, 789 Views, 16 Votes ,6.07 Score
Birthday party   11/22/2013

It all started during my college internship me and my girlfriend went to her home towm for studies, there she introduces me to her old friends lets name the girls x, y, z. Girl X being her best friend. During normal college times me and girl X would normally chat and we 3 used to hang out together.

skipping ahead my birthday comes i am in the apartment with my GF and other lady friends ...

1 Comments, 353 Views, 12 Votes ,4.21 Score
rm_page95833 36 M
1  Article
help   11/21/2013

i wanna learn how to eat pussy can someone guide me

3 Comments, 96 Views, 5 Votes ,3.47 Score
Tennesseeguy7 35 M
2  Articles
Partners experience.   11/19/2013

I recently started seeing a girl and was wondering If anyone else get jealous about their significant others past sex experience? I've had my share of encounters but hearing some of the things they have done in her past really gets me down... I don't let on to her just how it makes me feel but it does hurt knowing I wasn't the one that she experienced her firsts with.

1 Comments, 83 Views, 5 Votes ,2.82 Score
the tip of cock up in his own butt   11/13/2013

pushed down and back between the legs, he was tucked neatly back while wearing several layers of tight panties, pantyhose and tights. he then says he keeps pulling it back stretching it as far as it can, he said he felt the tip of his cock right by his butt hole. so he kept squatting down and pushing from the front and pulling from the back with his other hand.

he then pulls up his ...

4 Comments, 382 Views, 20 Votes ,3.12 Score
donovan19703 30 M
3  Articles
White men   11/3/2013

I just wanted to say that I have never understood why women think that black women think that black men have the biggest penis.

3 Comments, 213 Views, 7 Votes ,2.28 Score
Riyanair 20 F
0  Articles
Lesbian Sex tips for Newbies!!   10/30/2013

These lesbian sex tips will help make you a better lover. Tips For Spicing up Your Lesbian Sex Life Spice up your sex life.

Sex Tips for New Lovers If you're new to sex, or with a new lover, it may be hard for you to figure out what to do to please your partner. Here are some tips for new lovers to try with one another.

Ads view Sex Sex's online profile can be tracked down ...

4 Comments, 425 Views, 18 Votes ,3.94 Score
rm_gay4girl27 34 M
3  Articles
Oral sex   10/18/2013

A LOT of people undervalue oral. To me there is no better foreplay than getting up close and personal with your mouth on their junk. How many people think oral should be a standard part of pretty much every sexual encounter?

10 Comments, 110 Views, 13 Votes ,4.82 Score
power for more   10/16/2013

Its all about the drive and heat, raw garlic has a great amount of heat and powers u up for great sex

2 Comments, 19 Views, 0 Votes
real emotions   10/16/2013

Many people rush into climax without playing with emotions, sex is a feeling and it is enjoying when its deep in sensation, so next tym we tango, flame da bed up wit sum longing eyes

1 Comments, 16 Views, 3 Votes ,2.45 Score
a neat thing to extend your time before you cum for guys   10/8/2013

try focusing on moveing your heart rate when you can do that then try to defocus from what your doing while haveing sex lower your heart rate this works when mastered you choose how long you can go

2 Comments, 112 Views, 7 Votes ,3.80 Score
Panties   10/3/2013

Ok this might sound weird I like to sniff my wifes worn panties Wear them and then Jack off into them. Then find like minded married males let them sniff and look at her fuck pics while I suck their cocks and let them cum on my face fucking HOT...\8>>!\8...

3 Comments, 349 Views, 16 Votes ,5.92 Score
Huh   9/5/2013

What kind of topic is that?

3 Comments, 50 Views, 4 Votes ,2.47 Score
adick4u1944 65 M
1  Article
Art of Sucking a guys hard cock!   9/2/2013

The art of sucking a guys hard cock is not difficult to do when done correctly. One must ensure that your teeth do not make marks or hurt your sex partners cock. Make your mouth rounded and open and keep your teeth behind your lips. Kiss his cock tulip and rub your tounge around the top and bottom of his cock tulip. Then lick his cock shaft and keep spreading your saliva all up and down his cock. ...

10 Comments, 481 Views, 23 Votes ,6.63 Score
rm_cherimore 57 F
7  Articles
Meeting on here......   8/27/2013

Isn't a secrets suppose to mean not to share and tell? How can it be secret if you tell people your sex encounter on here?

17 Comments, 326 Views, 36 Votes ,3.84 Score
mother in law never says no.....part 2   8/23/2013

Well got home and eve asked me to help er put the to bed.Told her i was going to have a shower and she asked me to wait , so the are in bed and she is making a sandwich and she goes on and on about her mum , and the way we are getting on is making her life easier .With that she said make love to me here now on the table i said let me shower i am dirty after helping her mum all day .She said no ...

5 Comments, 1977 Views, 51 Votes ,7.12 Score
dirty sex   8/21/2013

ok guy you ever taught of just going wild one night with your girl imagine yourl are totally intoxicated an you end up home doing everything meaning spit in mouth suck puss prick ears ass feet squirt on each other taste each other cum dirty names handcuffs dirty sex secret going wild for the night

2 Comments, 142 Views, 2 Votes ,5.20 Score
Jeniebabie 51 T
1  Article
secrets   8/14/2013

anyone got any secrets they wanna share

8 Comments, 295 Views, 13 Votes ,3.31 Score
2  Articles
why ? Man's like 1 shemails, and 2 girl   8/4/2013

why man's mostly like shemail wat the rezen

9 Comments, 395 Views, 11 Votes ,1.86 Score
donovan19703 30 M
3  Articles
eating.   8/4/2013

I love to eat pussy!

1 Comments, 96 Views, 8 Votes ,3.48 Score
FtWaltonBlackk 46 M
9  Articles
DO you ruins relationships   8/3/2013

Wondering if anyone has seen it.

15 Comments, 242 Views, 17 Votes ,2.84 Score
newport_jack_3 54 M
4  Articles
breast foreplay   7/28/2013

What's the best breast foreplay you've had?

2 Comments, 38 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
eat a clit   7/23/2013

Sex, Tips and Philosophys Oral Sex: How to Eat her Out and Make her Squirm Posted by Science of Natural Game ⋅ 02/05/2012 ⋅ 16 Comments Filed Under how to eat a girl, how to eat a woman, how to eat pussy, how to get a woman off, how to lick clit, how to make a woman cum, how to make a woman orgasm, how to perform oral sex, MPUA, oral sex, pick up artist, PUA, sex

I love making a ...

2 Comments, 253 Views, 13 Votes ,3.98 Score
meretrixx 43 M
0  Articles
How Jazz Improv. Techniques will make you the Best Kisser on the Block (I Promise)   7/22/2013

Objective: - Blow your Lover's Mind. - Blow all subsequent Lovers' minds - Invent brand-new ways to kiss - Practice taking things slow - Make your Lover Love you even more.

Materials: - Yourself. - A Willing and Passionate Partner (Start with One). - A Private, Moody and Comfortable Setting. - A Standard Oven-Timer - High-necked Shirts. - Between One and Eight Hours ...

2 Comments, 121 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
Andrews1994xxx 27 M
1  Article
My expirience with viagra..   7/16/2013

When using this drug.. I can become uncontrolable... Leaving the victim of my filthy crimes screaming

3 Comments, 421 Views, 11 Votes ,0.36 Score
vickyggn22 35 M
10  Articles
Morning sex   6/29/2013

This may not seem too relevant at the time, but always remember to relieve yourself of bodily fluids before you head to bed the night before. Nothing kills the mood more than trying to hold back the urge to visit the bathroom, while you are about to do it!

- Don't forget to brush your teeth the night before. Also, consider keeping some dissolvable mints (NOT chewing gum) at your bedside ...

1 Comments, 115 Views, 9 Votes ,4.07 Score
vickyggn22 35 M
10  Articles
6 Tips for better sex   6/29/2013

Everyone wants to engage in better sex because the act can be one of the greatest experiences one will ever endure. Well I am here today to simplify everything in your life, and furnish you with some simple yet mind-blowingly effective ways to make her scream for you to keep it coming (literally). So the next time you're about to take a journey into sexual inner space, keep these little tips in ...

3 Comments, 176 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
livinglife8369 37 M
4  Articles
Why some women with a phat ass can't take dick?   6/18/2013

I have experience women with big booties can't take dick

4 Comments, 222 Views, 8 Votes ,1.86 Score
Irish_Princess4U 35 F
1  Article
Sexual terms/slang... Enlighten Me, Please   6/11/2013

I use to think I was fairly well versed in sexual slangs and terms until the other day when I read a swinger's blog talking about a 'Unicorn' and realized I would fall in such a catagory.

Then a couple days ago I was trading e-mails with another person on this site and was told they were 'Still searching for that white whale!!!!' Figuring it was ...

8 Comments, 488 Views, 26 Votes ,4.21 Score
klassyklitty 65 F
1  Article
My Uncle Did Me   6/11/2013

When I was a young girl, I used to spend my summers with my Uncle and Aunt. We would go to the River swimming and camping and have a good time. One day my uncle suggested we go camping and he told my aunt to go get all the stuff we would need at the store, and him and I would stay there and get the camper ready and pack up the coolers and all the other stuff. Soon as she left he had his hands all ...

11 Comments, 2084 Views, 68 Votes ,6.88 Score
rm_RussellSavoy 55 M
10  Articles
Does your lady have a secret?   5/16/2013

"Does your lady have a sex secret that you will never know about?"

3 Comments, 233 Views, 8 Votes ,2.09 Score
2  Articles
Jyotishemail   5/11/2013


10 Comments, 259 Views, 17 Votes ,2.56 Score
Rimming   5/8/2013

I LOVE giving a sexy woman a sincere anal rimming. I'm just curious, is this something most woman actually enjoy?

10 Comments, 403 Views, 11 Votes ,4.48 Score
Number of Partners   5/6/2013

I was just reflecting over the number of women I had sex with over my life. I am very curious as to the number of sexual partners most others have had in their life. I personally don't think of a woman as being a slut and a man a stud for having a high number of sexual partners. Do most women lie about the number of partners they have had, giving out a much lower number? And do men lie and ...

4 Comments, 236 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
office sex   5/6/2013

Is it true that office sex is happening less these days??

There is this woman at the office that is a shameless flirt. Always giving a glimpse of her ass bending over and every other sexy thing she can think of to do. Whenever I flirt back she acts like she would never do anything but the flirting continues. I have offered lunch and she always goes with the girls and a couple of her ...

4 Comments, 321 Views, 8 Votes ,3.01 Score
thunder78sx 44 M
2  Articles
Sex develops emotions   5/3/2013

if we are looking for strictly no strings attached sex relationship, how can we avoid the emotional turbulence that strikes us immediately after sex ?

i think it is a biological thing, yet can it be avoided ?

4 Comments, 69 Views, 5 Votes ,3.14 Score
rm_mis4its 21 M
1  Article
fuckin kitties   4/24/2013

i be out here all day gettin that puss puss and fliipin it hit me up bad bitches

1 Comments, 124 Views, 6 Votes ,0.23 Score
rm_hernandez372 41 M
1  Article
cheating   4/24/2013

My husband got deported so im having the best sex ever with my ex!! IM SUPPOSED TO BE LEAVING FOR MEXICO BUT I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE THE BEST DICK EVER BEHIND!!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO??

7 Comments, 521 Views, 18 Votes ,2.58 Score
poppinfresh82078 45 M
1  Article
Shaving or other methods what is best   4/17/2013

I wanna know what everyone thinks about shaving or waxing etc. I hate all my hair on my body and would enjoy not having to shave so often.

4 Comments, 190 Views, 8 Votes ,2.32 Score
W8ing4you7 30 M
1  Article
the Trans Persuasion   4/14/2013

I just wanted to see an article for any questions or stories or, any tgirls that wanna get to know me or anyone else hopefully I can finally get some of that special love I've heard about, feel free to anything ts.

1 Comments, 115 Views, 3 Votes ,5.39 Score
hollabhaby1988 35 LC
2  Articles
Secrets of sex?   4/9/2013

The secret to sex is a great partner who is willing to learn, willing to teach, willing to be open minded, and most of all someone that you know will be attentive and considerate of your needs. In finding someone who is all that--that person is usually your spouse or life partner. Remember that sex is more than just penetration--forepaly, and afterplay make sex great too!

4 Comments, 59 Views, 10 Votes ,3.78 Score
maeggiebutt1990 33 F
1  Article
Secrets of Sex   4/8/2013

The secret to sex is a great partner who is willing to learn, willing to teach, willing to be open minded, and most of all someone that you know will be attentive and considerate of your needs. In finding someone who is all that--that person is usually your spouse or life partner. Remember that sex is more than just penetration--forepaly, and afterplay make sex great too!

3 Comments, 53 Views, 10 Votes ,4.38 Score
pornstar   3/29/2013

who is your favorite pornstar ? (I luv stoya)

11 Comments, 145 Views, 13 Votes ,2.81 Score
Who likes older women?   3/29/2013

I luv matures <3

16 Comments, 301 Views, 14 Votes ,4.74 Score
Your favorite sex position   3/29/2013

Tell about it

6 Comments, 109 Views, 7 Votes ,3.04 Score
rm_cute6527 26 M
1  Article
Help   3/22/2013

Hey girls would anyone like to help me

1 Comments, 48 Views, 3 Votes
Slave for a day - my Innermost Fantasy   3/22/2013

Slave for a day - my Innermost Fantasy The following is my innermost fantasy (which I could be persuaded to act out! – are you willing to persuade me?) I leave for work as usual that morning to avoid arousing suspicion having agreed to meet with my new Master and his friend at 9.00am. I arrive at his house as arranged at 9 and nervously ring the doorbell. My new Master invites me in and ...

1 Comments, 169 Views, 6 Votes ,3.65 Score
eojb 49 M
3  Articles
secrets of a 48yrs str m!!! or his he?   3/15/2013

I'm a 48 yrs str8m never been or wan nt to be with a another man.but here lately its been on my mine allot! deep down inside me i know that i want to feel touch of a big hard cock in my mouth!ramming his cock down my throat so deep and hard.i want to feel his balls slapping my jaw and face.i want his hot sweet load of cum to choke me as he cums in my mouth!!!!

when he done fucking my ...

9 Comments, 964 Views, 33 Votes ,7.19 Score
rm_rajan070789 27 M
1  Article
which action is famous   3/13/2013

which sex position is famous

1 Comments, 91 Views, 8 Votes ,2.78 Score
8  Articles
she wanted it?   3/10/2013

I have said about my step in previous articles but this one took place today. She called round as it was mothers day dressed in a short mini dress black tights and very high heals, i was shocked she made my cock rise instantly, she went into my late wifes room and sat on the bed, i was chatting to her but my cock was begining to show so i left her sat on the bed for a while, when i returned she ...

3 Comments, 2065 Views, 49 Votes ,6.77 Score
NaughtyNevadan2 47 M
2  Articles
5 Steps to Perfect Cunninglis   3/7/2013

Cunnilingus is the act of using the mouth to stimulate the female genitals. This can include sucking or licking the outer and inner areas of the vagina and direct stimulation of the clitoris. A recent study showed that twice as many women orgasm from oral sex as from intercourse. Cunnilingus performed well will endear you to her like nothing else can. Follow these five steps for performing ...

12 Comments, 334 Views, 23 Votes ,6.16 Score
rm_HardAndSaucy 56 C
2  Articles
Her Fantasy Realized   3/6/2013

Saucy brought her slut ‘A’ game without a doubt! She made me so proud! She had no idea of what I had in store. Her body was prepared for use and she was patiently waiting when I called her and gave her instructions to come to the hotel I had selected. When she arrived I had her put on the clothes I had selected. I placed her hood and blindfold on myself. She was instructed to find the ...

3 Comments, 647 Views, 19 Votes ,5.10 Score
letttsssgggooo 49 F
1  Article
why do most guys as a starter" IM BIG"   3/3/2013

Why do most guys as a starter say "'i'm BIG" so watch out!!!!! I just want to say most that say this, it isn't as true as the guy thinks! Guys are extremely arrogant! They are so Full of themselves! ITs ok if they live up to all the hype, yet its not so much this way. Guys say they want to please, so why dont they take hints when you tell them the way you like to kiss, or the way you want to be ...

4 Comments, 144 Views, 19 Votes ,3.39 Score
The Ultimate Sex Tool   2/24/2013

The ultimate sex tool that so many people overlook is simply open and honest communication. Its a shame that so many people are afraid to fully and honestly express themselves to the one person they should above all. My advise is to lose the fear, let your wants, dreams and desires be known! it should reap great rewards and fulfillment! If not you need to get a new partner.

1 Comments, 72 Views, 14 Votes ,4.26 Score
Want_have_some 50 F
1  Article
They fuck me so hardly that I was out of my mind and I do not say no....   2/18/2013

My partner around midnight bring me in a vip room of a gogo boys.....5 young well endowed guys were already waiting us in the room watching porn and drinking beers...I was wearing a very short skirt and a tiny shirt with no bra.....before enter in the room he blindfold and handcuff me.....when we was inside he told me "now I will let you here alone with some hot and very well endowed guys, I pay ...

12 Comments, 1262 Views, 53 Votes ,2.90 Score
rm_ZenLuv01 27 M
5  Articles
Jelqing, Man's best friend   2/14/2013

So for those of you guys who don't know, there is a physical activity that you can use to increase the size of your penis, and its permanent.

I'm not a Scam! I'm not going to charge, and I'm not going to post a link to anywhere in this post. I'm just going to say what I know.

So what is Jelqing? It is essentially a massage for the shaft of your ...

1 Comments, 629 Views, 12 Votes ,1.21 Score
Music_Lover69 26 M
10  Articles
what are your secrets   2/12/2013

everyone has secrets and we all tend to hide it but also wanna share it with others.. I bet most people here have secrets they cant share... lets jot our thought dpwn and write here whatever we want... any sex secrets or dirty secrets out there?

1 Comments, 94 Views, 6 Votes ,2.51 Score
annie444u 52 C
135  Articles
The Secret to Good Sex Is to Not Keep Any Secrets   2/1/2013

The only argument Danny ever had in our long, long marriage was one I caused: I hid a secret fantasy from him, realized my fantasy and then my girlfriend thinking he and I had a completely open relationship, told Danny what she, her husband and I had done.

Now, Danny knows what my favorite fantasy is and he allows me to realize my dreams whenever I want.

And just what is my ...

1 Comments, 450 Views, 32 Votes ,5.96 Score
ladylove68 51 F
2  Articles
What Sex Secrets Do U Have??   1/22/2013

Would you like to say what ur sex secret is or what it would like to be?? I have so many to reveal.

Would you like to hear about them??

12 Comments, 821 Views, 34 Votes ,4.14 Score
Thinking of being caught masturbating   1/18/2013

Does anyone like the thought of being caught masturbating or wanting to be caught doing it? To me it is something very hot and sexy and a big turn on.

6 Comments, 310 Views, 18 Votes ,4.49 Score
i masturbate SINCE I WAS 4yo and ...   1/15/2013

hi , as i remembered i masturbate ince 4yo, i just touch my pussy with panties on and rubb it so hard and tight my legs toguether and it was a great joy feeling , i did it alot of times, but i guess a coisin saw me he was 15yo and at that time i was 6yo. i saw a porno magazzine of him he was living with us heis from other town he was studing in my town, and i told her mother he had a agazzine ...

4 Comments, 556 Views, 25 Votes ,2.25 Score
sexy9210914740 28 M
3  Articles
How to please a woman   1/14/2013

Light candles in the room or have dim lights. If it is day time, have the curtains drawn. Most women do not like harsh light when they are undressed. You could have fragrant candles that act as an aphrodisiac and put a woman in the mood. Smell is one of the five senses, remember.

Play soft music in the background. Music that she likes to listen to. Music is soothing and helps one to ...

1 Comments, 69 Views, 7 Votes ,4.57 Score
patras2013 35 M
1  Article
How do i confess my sex secrets to my new girlfriend?   1/14/2013

Been in a relationship for a month with a stunning girl, its still the begining with all the sex and talking but i do like her and everytime we are talking about sex i want to confess some of my secrets, but i do not know how she will react. I know that some things better never to be told. Thanks in advance for any replies.

5 Comments, 581 Views, 16 Votes ,4.01 Score
bigchuckmskitty 52 C
2  Articles
Song of the day   1/10/2013

This is something that MsKitty and I do almost every day. We (usually me) text each other with a song that describes what we are feeling/thinking.

I'm going to share that with the HustlerPersonals community and see where it goes.

Please feel free to add your song of the day to this thread.

Last night she text me this one.


1 Comments, 43 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
rm_hptpizza1963 55 M
3  Articles
Foreplay   1/5/2013

What is that old saying----men are like microwaves and women are convection ovens. Women like foreplay. I have never met a woman who doesn't, yet most don't get enough. Guys, some guys, go for the prize right away. They will rub a woman's back for ten seconds and grab her breasts immediately. Women like to heat up (see above) before you make love. Personally I may be the opposite, I like foreplay ...

4 Comments, 115 Views, 10 Votes ,3.98 Score
vegasxxxxcouple 57 C
42  Articles
Ladies, help a guy out?   1/4/2013

The most frustrating thing for us guys, when in a relationship can be getting a peek at the "real" sexual beast within her. Us men aren't very complex where our needs and desires are concerned - or maybe women are just better at seeing what lies within us than we are they. So, for any willing ladies out there, inquiring minds want to know... just what do you REALLY fantasize about? What is it ...

1 Comments, 189 Views, 14 Votes ,2.82 Score
ssp7775 40 M
3  Articles
Golden Showers   12/29/2012

On some peeing acts, what some are just trickle while others are sometime non-stop peeing (keeping a steady stream for a long time)? What is the trick of making the pee stream last longer?

2 Comments, 293 Views, 10 Votes ,1.39 Score
ohmymy69 70 C
1  Article
Erotic hypnosis   12/26/2012

Hypnosis is a scientifically verified and effective technique that can create accelerated human change if the participants are willing, accepting of the principle and believe in the effectiveness. It has been compared to deep meditation.

A trance is a state where the conscious mind relaxes its defenses and allows the hypnotist at least limited access to the subconscious mind. It is also ...

1 Comments, 287 Views, 11 Votes ,3.92 Score
BigJay3040 36 C
1  Article
having secrets   12/24/2012

Why don't people think that having Sex Secrets are OK when they really aren't.

2 Comments, 137 Views, 10 Votes ,1.19 Score
rm_longdongmik0 57 M
7  Articles
role playing   12/20/2012

This comes easy for me I am an actor AND an improvisational actor. On a scale of 1 to 10 in fantasy role playing I am a 10. Really. I am having a part in a fantasy in three days with a woman----I am an agent and she really wants a movie part. I think you can guess the scenario. But maybe you can't. I am not going to be easy with her. I am going to play her and suggest she just may not get the ...

0 Comments, 70 Views, 5 Votes ,2.49 Score
doctornock 47 M
2  Articles
My trick...   12/19/2012

Does anyone else have a large curve in their cock? I do and it drives girls wild - apparently it rubs nicely on their g-spot when they're on top. Not to big note but I've had a number of women compliment me on their enjoyment. Maybe they were just being nice, because I certainly am not well endowed.

3 Comments, 169 Views, 8 Votes ,3.71 Score
safe sex   12/18/2012

alway put on a condom it is safe

4 Comments, 116 Views, 10 Votes ,3.78 Score
Nareshkumar438 38 M
1  Article
Contact me in chandigarh 7814956438   12/17/2012

No thanks

1 Comments, 23 Views, 2 Votes ,1.04 Score
rm_killingsex83 41 M
7  Articles
Aids   12/12/2012

AIDS AIDS is caused by HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), which progressively destroys the body's immune system. Since 1981, more than 900, 000 cases have been reported in the United States. It leaves people susceptible to opportunistic infections -- diseases that would ordinarily not make a person sick. AIDS is growing most rapidly among minority populations, especially African-American women ...

1 Comments, 85 Views, 7 Votes ,3.80 Score
trucking0_13 61 M
14  Articles
masturbate   11/26/2012

how many times a day do you masturbate

15 Comments, 342 Views, 20 Votes ,4.02 Score
eptguy55 68 C
8  Articles
c2c   11/21/2012

Yesterday we tried the cam 2 cam option on this site and we enjoyed it. As we started it was a little slow then with only a few watching our cam then a local gentlemen im'ed us to do c2c with him and as my wife watched him stroke himself to an orgasm she had a great one herself. This is truly an option we will use again.

3 Comments, 259 Views, 21 Votes ,3.37 Score
eptguy55 68 C
8  Articles
c2c   11/21/2012

Yesterday we tried the cam 2 cam option on this site and we enjoyed it. As we started it was a little slow then with only a few watching our cam then a local gentlemen im'ed us to do c2c with him and as my wife watched him stroke himself to an orgasm she had a great one herself. This is truly an option we will use again.

1 Comments, 117 Views, 8 Votes ,3.25 Score
ssp7775 40 M
3  Articles
Prostate Milking   11/17/2012

One of the best ways to milk the prostate is put a sex toy in the anterior part of the anus. Then watch the stuff coming out of the penis without the orgasm.

4 Comments, 648 Views, 19 Votes ,3.12 Score
ssp7775 40 M
3  Articles
Fetishes   11/15/2012

What is a Fetish and the types of Fetishes? Can golden showers be considered a fetish?

4 Comments, 145 Views, 9 Votes ,1.93 Score
want to taste sex in secret   11/14/2012

i am a sex lover.want to enjoy it fully in secret place.

3 Comments, 162 Views, 7 Votes
rm_Letsmeet676 42 M
2  Articles
Secret patners   11/14/2012

Who has a good story

1 Comments, 127 Views, 5 Votes ,1.84 Score
winaung2012 39 M
1  Article
sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss   11/14/2012


1 Comments, 21 Views, 4 Votes ,0.53 Score
annie444u 52 C
135  Articles
BJ's   11/2/2012

There is nothing my husband Danny likes more...nothing any man I ever met seems to like more...than an incredible Blow Job.

My friend Lee Ann is perhaps the best at giving Blow Jobs I've ever seen. She can make Danny cum in less than 10 seconds.

My Blow Jobs are long and erotic...a tease if you will...Lee Ann's are about giving her man a quickie...satisfying him until there's ...

19 Comments, 1221 Views, 69 Votes ,7.53 Score
mrmoto3 57 M
11  Articles
Suprise   11/1/2012

Well, My sexy wife just loved to dress real sexy around the house . Most of the time she'd just wear some sexy panties i just could'nt keep my eyes off her sexy butt.But she would never let me fuck her. One day my friend Greg and I where skinny dipping out back when my wife Candy walked out to the pool stark naked and when she caught a glims Greg and his huge cock she just stood there chatting ...

4 Comments, 992 Views, 31 Votes ,3.62 Score
Panties   10/23/2012

I enjoy wearing and sniffing my wifes panties while jacking off. Have been trying to find like minded males to do it together and possible blow each other. Have did this once it was hot....\8...

2 Comments, 196 Views, 10 Votes ,6.57 Score
eptguy55 68 C
8  Articles
Voyeurs   10/21/2012

We both are voyeurs, before we started swinging, we moved next door to an attractive couple with a pool. They were a very straight laced couple that kept to thems. Our master bedroom overlooked their fenced backyard and pool area. On several occasions we had observe them skinny dipping and nude sun bathing.

One afternoon, we heard them swimming and we didn't think much about it. We heard ...

4 Comments, 618 Views, 21 Votes ,4.36 Score
eptguy55 68 C
8  Articles
Cuckold?   10/13/2012

We had been swinging for a couple of years when we started thinking about a 3some with a guy and later a girl. It was always very exciting when we would discuss it and alway lead to great sex. We went to swing clubs but just could not decide on anyone together. So eventually she inquired about John an old army buddy. I wasn't sure about him because he was very well endowed and sometimes bragged ...

3 Comments, 902 Views, 27 Votes ,6.29 Score
Anal sex   10/3/2012

Do women love anal sex? If so, why?.....if not, why? Do you want lube or no lube?

2 Comments, 91 Views, 5 Votes ,3.80 Score
ambaza123 50 M
0  Articles
Tips For Better Sex   9/24/2012

A good sex life takes time and effort to maintain. It won’t always be easy -- our busy lives are taxing and often leave us tired and devoid of the imagination and motivation required to keep up the pace. Having good sex doesn’t necessarily mean spending hours and hours of frolicking, it can be as simple as doing something a little different just for a change.

Women are cyclic ...

3 Comments, 127 Views, 12 Votes ,5.10 Score
creampie   9/18/2012

I have always wanted to eat a creampie. would like to get together with another couple and watch them have nasty sex, and would get down and clean them both up with my tongue. can anyone help me make this fantasy cum true.

1 Comments, 401 Views, 18 Votes ,5.44 Score
Sex Fact   9/16/2012

Those guys watching so many porns videos they will get less sexy womens it is true

2 Comments, 123 Views, 3 Votes
hot50n49 63 C
1  Article
wanting and enjoying sucking cock with the wife.   9/13/2012

My wife and i enjoy sharing a cock as far as sucking one at the same time. would this be a normal thing during a threesome mfm?

21 Comments, 1333 Views, 52 Votes ,6.99 Score
yeszen2 23 M
11  Articles
Anal for Men   9/11/2012

Is this more pleasurable that oral for some? Haven't tried and want some input.

2 Comments, 338 Views, 7 Votes ,4.06 Score
loverboy80121 34 M
2  Articles
whats your secret   9/2/2012

any sex things that you wouldn't dare tell anyone else you can say it on here since no one probably knows you

3 Comments, 154 Views, 6 Votes ,2.23 Score
9998788666 32 M
9  Articles
girls went sex secrets..   8/31/2012

who female went secrets??

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rm_Mr_Hartman 27 M
10  Articles
Ass Play?   8/22/2012

What is the deal with doing anal? I don't get it. Do women actually enjoy the feeling of some guy's dick in their ass, or does that only happen in pornos? Because I don't really see the appeal.

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rm_Mr_Hartman 27 M
10  Articles
Ass Play?   8/22/2012

Is boing Anal Sex a regularly practiced thing, or is it mainly done in pornos? I personally don't see what's so good about ass fucking a chick. What's the appeal? And if you are a woman reading this, would you want you partner doing it?

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rm_Mr_Hartman 27 M
10  Articles
Question for Ladies   8/22/2012

It's obvious that guys think about sex none stop. Simple fact of life. But how often to you LADIES think about sex? We know women want sex as much as men do, but do you fiscate on it all day? Just curious.

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rm_Mr_Hartman 27 M
10  Articles
Question for Ladies   8/22/2012

What lines do you draw when it comes to a Friends/Benefits relationship? Do you actually become friends with that person, or does "Friends w/Benefits" basically mean one night stand?

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rm_Mr_Hartman 27 M
10  Articles
Orgasm w/out Ejac   8/22/2012

This is weird.

What does it mean when you have an orgasm, but you simply don't ejaculate? It's weird. I mean, I can make my partner cum... multiple times, at that. But no matter what she does with me, I am unable to ejaculate. Is that a common thing among men?

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gunner54h 77 C
2  Articles
First time   8/20/2012

I was 13 years old for my first "venture" in sex. I always had thoughts of a big breasted girl and what it would be like. This was nothing like I had dreamed of, it happened with a man. We lived 5 miles out of town then, and a terrible blizzard came on fast when I was at town school. The buses couldn't run to take me home. My folks couldn't get in to pick me up, so they called friends of theirs ...

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c6love 32 M
26  Articles
oral   8/19/2012

do you remember the best head you ever received? what made it great?

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turtledamsel2 47 T
27  Articles
car delivery   8/16/2012

A few years ago while working as a driver my boss james asked me to do him a big favour he wanted me to pick up his new car from a dealership and drive it to his new property which happened to be in portugal, why me i asked? because i trust your driving and want it there in one peice i dont trust shipping and agency drivers i will pay you well and pay for all expences to get my car to my holiday ...

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LowrHutAsslicker 42 M
1  Article
Being fucked by woman with strapon   8/15/2012

Any ladies love fucking guys with strapons from wellington out their if so get hold of me

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wesucku2 61 C
10  Articles
Sex with older couple?   8/7/2012

I have been wanting to have sex with an older couple. I have told my wife i have wanted to lick the clit of an older lady (60)or older i also want to suck her mans cock. My wife can do whatever she wants to do with the couple i dont think shes interested so should i not try to do this or give it a go my wife never said she wouldnt take part is this a bad idea?

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cdcuriousnb 51 T
2  Articles
"straight' men hitting on.....   7/29/2012

I've noticed since joining this site that I get a lot of inquiries from men who, when i check their profile state nothing about wanting a relationship with a CD, TS/TV/TG or another man. its not a big deal to me. i just think if thats what your looking for then say so on your profile. even state that you are just curious about it. be honest with yourself people.

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c6love 32 M
26  Articles
going down on a woman   7/28/2012

i know every woman is different. but i would like to know what is the proper way to eat a woman out. what to do, where to lick, just general advice on what you like.

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saggy089 35 M
2  Articles
female organism   7/25/2012

These days most women want orgasms. That wasn't always the case. A couple of generations or so ago, many adult females simply didn't have climaxes – and a lot of them weren't bothered about it. Probably a lot of them didn't actually know what an orgasm was. And some doctors claimed that, for a huge proportion of women, it was 'normal' to have no experience of orgasm. Indeed, as ...

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LukN4Tush 57 C
3  Articles
Cuckold?   7/25/2012

I've never really thought about what a true cuckold was/is. My wife has recently asked why I enjoy the thought of her being fucked by another man.

This lead to her believing I wanted to be submissive to another man. I could see maybe enjoying that. What we disagreed on is that once a man has been submssive in that situation is whether he would always. Do cuckolds have to be Cuckolds ...

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sexyasian000 31 M
7  Articles
Oral Sex   7/23/2012

Penis breath, a lover's dread Is what you get when you give head

Unpleasant as it tends to be Be grateful that he doesn't pee

It's times like this, you wonder why you bothered reaching for his fly

But it's too late, can't be a tease Accept the facts, get on your knees

You know you've got a job to do So open wide and shove it through

Lick the tip ...

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ty1121 31 F
1  Article
Our Little Secret   7/21/2012

Alone in my room sleeping and dreaming of being by three men, my body starts to get hot, I break out into a sweat and feel moisture between my thighs how could this be its just a dream yet i'm getting turned on. I roll over and try to start a new dream but the keeps going, there's a dick in my mouth a dick in my ass and a dick in my pussy each pounding me making me scream with all my might. ...

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c6love 32 M
26  Articles
women better with age   7/21/2012

i love older women. they are usually more experienced and have less drama in there lives. The oldest i have been with is 45. i want to be with a woman in her 50s and possibly 60s if she is she still fit and in shape. What makes a woman better with age, and what is the cut off for when the getting better stops. I am curious since i have a fascination for women 35 and up

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hotxxxdresser 45 T
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tied helplessly as they enjoyed my body   7/15/2012

At my lovers house we planned to have his friend join us for sex with me tied up. stripping to a thong and bra i took my place bent over a foot stool.then my hands tied behind my back and my ankle bond tightly make it imposible for me to move.touching my helpless body he asked me if i was ok and did really want this i said yes.I was ready to give myself to them unselfishly pleasuring them with ...

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hotxxxdresser 45 T
2  Articles
extrem anal sex how can it feel so good   7/15/2012

over the years i've experenced lots of intence anal from huge cocks, multible cocks[gang bangs]to large dildos stretching my fuck hole pass it's limit.I am a total size queen who loves to amaze people with how much my firm round ass can take and how much i enjoy it. I couldn't believe it was happening to me when two men dp'ed my butt for the first time back before it was so commen in porn. I ...

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sekiv81 43 M
1  Article
FACIALS   7/11/2012

Just curious as to the percentage of women out there that actually enjoy a facial. Or is this just something men just secretly want to do.

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hotxxxdresser 45 T
2  Articles
discovering my female sexual desires   7/9/2012

i'd always had a secret faniscy to be like a girl dressed up sexy and perform sex acts as a girl but never dreamed it would happen for real.i was very sexual boy with girls so was not shy when it came to sex. onenite after dancing and drinking i was heading home on my skateboard when this older gent asked me if i needed a ride being 18 and fearless i got in.exchanging names he learned i'm 18 and ...

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why do men dress in womens clothes   7/8/2012

Do women like it when men dress in their clothes...dont understand it myself

11 Comments, 264 Views, 7 Votes ,2.02 Score
CFNM   7/8/2012

Do women like the idea of a naked man whilst they remain dressed ?

1 Comments, 56 Views, 2 Votes ,4.50 Score
stockings   7/8/2012

Do all men love women in stockings....I just love to see them on a lady...just so sexy

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meeting the young horny boy on his way to school   6/30/2012

SEDUCING ME;and TINY GIRL GETS GANGBANGED, almost holyday, doing some packing for going sailing for my self, my girl left so i am horny, no sex for weeks. then I hear someone calling :anybody in! this young boy woise, who can it be? seen some boys 14 -16 walking past my drive last days, one of them a skinny blond boy is always smiling and saying hey, how are you as they pass, last time I ...

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MDman2580 36 M
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Penis sizes womens preferance   6/24/2012

I know every woman is not the same and have different likes. I wanna know the majority. Do you like length, girth, or what factor do you like?

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wesucku2 61 C
10  Articles
I want to share a tgirl with my wife   6/15/2012

I want to have sex with my wife and a tgirl at the same time. I have told her and shes wanting to do it with me I just dont know if I should try to go out to a bar to try to pick up on one. The other way to go about it is get a it would be alot easier but I dont know thats why I would like some input from others.

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nobody328 26 M
23  Articles
NOT MANY   5/30/2012


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rm_lookn4it59 64 M
1  Article
Tgirls, Trannys, Shemales.   5/20/2012

lly kmow one. anybody help me out ? ? ?

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rm_A1sauce18 30 M
1  Article
Ass pumping   5/14/2012

How do women really feel about taking cock in their ass. Do u really like it? Or do they just let us have our way even if it hurts.

9 Comments, 598 Views, 15 Votes ,4.05 Score
interacialfun4va 41 C
5  Articles
sex secrets   5/10/2012

anybody has any sex secrets they want to share lol!

2 Comments, 182 Views, 6 Votes ,1.37 Score
each girl come and say ...   4/30/2012

each girl here coma and say what time does it take to reach an orgasm ?! ;]...

2 Comments, 71 Views, 6 Votes ,1.66 Score
Ear lobes   4/29/2012

I am attracted to ear lobes. I see foot, hair fetish forums. Anyone who likes ear lobes?

2 Comments, 28 Views, 5 Votes ,2.16 Score
need some ideas to help...   4/26/2012

ok well i am a younger male who has had the chance to meet some mature woman thanks to this site. i have really come to the fact that i am very into mature woman. the thing i am asking for is that how could i get woman near me to take me seriously, seems like no older woman in my area want to have fun. i am always honest and respecful on here, so i dont understand why i am not taken seriously ...

6 Comments, 223 Views, 8 Votes ,4.87 Score
rm_karoonsem2 30 M
10  Articles
Secrets   4/24/2012

What are the secrets of sex..something like kama sutra??

1 Comments, 63 Views, 3 Votes ,1.96 Score
Tattoos   4/15/2012

For many years, I have been considering getting a tattoo. My sister finally got one, a tasteful lily on her shoulder, and all of the younger generation females in my extended family have them.

For the younger generation, they range from a small flower on the ankle, to a vine of leaves around the bicep, to the "comedy and tragedy masks" on a shoulder, a large celtic cross on the inner ...

9 Comments, 301 Views, 25 Votes ,3.02 Score
Noisy Sex   4/15/2012

The other day there was a very interesting question on the Advice Line, from a fellow who lived in an apartment and found his sleep was disturbed by his neighbour having sex with a noisy female partner. Apparently, the neighbour was a bartender or worked at a club, and brought his girlfriend home at 3:00 in the morning. The noises she made woke the complainer up from a sound sleep. He wondered if ...

15 Comments, 539 Views, 27 Votes ,3.66 Score
Wicked1inAlabama 44 M
1  Article
Biggest Secret   4/11/2012

Ok, whats every1 biggest secret? Is it just being on here? Or something you've done in the past

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GaQueenOfSpades 41 F
1  Article
BIG BLACK COCK   3/31/2012

This is to all the white women out there that hasnt tried BBC. You must experience being taken by a huge black cock atleast once. Tho I am warning you if you do it once youll probably want it again and again.

13 Comments, 1353 Views, 47 Votes ,2.03 Score
jackassbk 40 M
1  Article
Anal Sex   3/31/2012

Does anal Sex give the pleasure to both mate ? male & Female

8 Comments, 345 Views, 12 Votes ,2.45 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Make a Fantasy Lottery   3/23/2012

oth you and your lady write five sexual fantasies down on five separate notebook cards. Then head to a restaurant where you can get a booth and some privacy in a public setting. Over dinner and wine, pull out the cards and make three piles—"yes, " "maybe someday, " and "not on your life." Put the possibles in a shoe box, and once a month pull out a winner

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sexnmosex 59 M
10  Articles
Eating Pussy   3/23/2012

First and most importantly every woman/lady/slut/ho is different. Having her trust is important as well establish this and the rest cums naturally. I thought I was an expert never had a "complaint" what i learned in time is that some women really don't know their bodies and will except the idea of a man giving her "face", "head", "cunnilingus, " and only say she actually enjoyed every second. ...

7 Comments, 272 Views, 16 Votes ,0.63 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Try A New Place   3/23/2012

Try a new place Sex in a new locale is definitely up there in exciting things to do for better sex. You can take a drive somewhere secluded where you can get a bit risqué. Try a public place (not too public) or simply move to a different room or area in your home -- or even someone else’s home. Whatever tickles your fancy. There are a million and one different places to have sex other than ...

0 Comments, 41 Views, 2 Votes ,2.42 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Use A Cock Ring   3/23/2012

Cock rings slow the drain of blood out of your erection, and keep you harder for longer. A very hard penis stimulates a woman’s insides slightly differently -- and much better -- than one that is getting soft around the edges. Cock rings are inexpensive and usually nice to look at, and make an interesting male sex toy to add to your collection. Cock rings ensure that you can maintain the pace ...

2 Comments, 317 Views, 13 Votes ,5.32 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Try A New Position   3/23/2012

You already know how to bring her to orgasm in two ways (probably). You repeat these regularly because they work -- there's no harm in that. However, if you never, ever try any new positions again, how will you ever know? New positions need a reasonably high level of arousal in your lover, so choose your time to strike a new pose when she is quite obviously feeling very randy.

There is ...

1 Comments, 52 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Dirty Talk   3/23/2012

Talking dirty has turned people on for millennia and will continue to do so because it has something other sex play doesn’t: words. Because our brains are our largest sexual apparatus, we respond to the spoken word automatically -- especially when someone says our name. The spoken word evokes emotions, sensations and blood flow to various regions, depending on the topic.

This works ...

2 Comments, 86 Views, 5 Votes ,5.10 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Dirty Talk   3/23/2012

Talking dirty has turned people on for millennia and will continue to do so because it has something other sex play doesn’t: words. Because our brains are our largest sexual apparatus, we respond to the spoken word automatically -- especially when someone says our name. The spoken word evokes emotions, sensations and blood flow to various regions, depending on the topic.

This works ...

2 Comments, 38 Views, 3 Votes ,5.39 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Play A Game   3/23/2012

Get a pack of cards and play strip poker for better sex. It may seem like something you would have done when you were in high school (given the opportunity), but adult strip poker is a good way to get naked. Once you are both naked (or nearly naked), you can start on the really fun part: A loss means the other person gets to choose what action is performed on them by the loser. Time limits like ...

1 Comments, 96 Views, 2 Votes ,3.81 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Tell Her Your Fantasies   3/23/2012

Talking about your fantasies with your partner is a very conducive form of sex play. It increases communication with your partner, which is of great importance, as well, it also helps you get to know each other better for better sex. Yes, you may be surprised by what comes out of her mouth, but this works both ways. Keep it light at first and don’t throw her in the deep end with fantasies about ...

0 Comments, 40 Views, 3 Votes ,4.41 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Have Her Dress Up   3/23/2012

Pretending to be something you're not comes easily to some people. However, it has its benefits when done for fun. Stepping out of the role of being "yourself" can be a fun way to give each other permission to behave differently for better sex. Playing the role of someone else during sexual play is a very enjoyable way to give your partner some different sensations, and try things that you ...

0 Comments, 41 Views, 2 Votes ,3.12 Score
sexystaranil2 19 M
18  Articles
Massage   3/23/2012

Sensual touch is one of the most highly relaxing and sexy things you can do for your partner, which is why it makes it onto our 10 tips for better sex list. Our bodies are almost without exception tense in some area, if not many areas. This hinders our energy flow -- including sexual energy flow. Imagine a car that has a clogged fuel filter: the fuel (our energy) can’t get to where it needs to ...

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NoStringz157 37 M
1  Article
No games, No E-Mail tag, just sex...   3/19/2012

I have hooked up with a few women from this site and I have a buddy who has had some success too... But for the most part people just play games... Does anyone else get frustrated or discouraged by this nonsense?

3 Comments, 49 Views, 7 Votes ,4.57 Score
CLW2012 55 M
4  Articles
He brought me for curious to BI   3/14/2012

Met with a local guy I found on Passion he turned out to be quite hot 39 Tats buff, 6 inch cut nice balls. He really made me feel comfortable, very non-judgemental I a Vince Wilfork body type lol. He started by rubbing my balls suck my nipples, his slow tender touch rubbing my inner thighs up to my balls then lick the same path. He began to suck my balls and cock alternating back and forth ...

3 Comments, 1244 Views, 44 Votes ,7.54 Score
blazerchick007 46 C
1  Article
Choking   3/12/2012

I always have found it both interesting and erotic when it comes to choking. Having someone choke you when at the height of an orgasm or during the "climbing the mountain" stage is both erotic mentally and physically.

Mentally it makes you feel helpless and not in control, an eroticism that some dont understand while others crave it. For the choker, it is control at its finest.


5 Comments, 263 Views, 22 Votes ,3.73 Score
My first gay threesome   3/10/2012

I've had this fantasy for the longest time to be with two guys at once and to have a cock in both ends at the same time. That fantasy has finally been realized.

It started with a simple hey lets meet up and I will help take care of that need to be screwed. I wanted to be screwed bad, been some time since I have felt a mans rod slide into my ass. I wanted it bad, we meet up at ...

6 Comments, 1237 Views, 31 Votes ,7.55 Score
used in a gay bar, fantasy   3/10/2012

Understand this story is in a world where we do not have stds…With that here is a fantasy story. It all started simple enough, I was heading out on a business trip and I was on line chatting with people in the area on AF. I found this guy who wanted to show me a good time. He suggested we go to this gay bar in town and meet there and see what happens. I never been to a gay bar and wanted this ...

5 Comments, 560 Views, 19 Votes ,7.34 Score
1niceguyn2011 57 M
4  Articles
looking for that one woman   3/8/2012

Short and to the point. I am looking for a woman that is not affraid to do what is needed to make a man happy. Don't take this the wrong way. What I am looking for is a lady between forty and fifty five nice looking, nice size tits and likes to get kinky. I am wanting to have my first and only affair with this woman. One time and one time only. I am DD free. Get in touch with me.

0 Comments, 111 Views, 5 Votes
How to attract and please a Tranny or CD   3/7/2012

What do trannies and CD's want in a man. Once you find one how do you please them?

3 Comments, 266 Views, 5 Votes ,4.45 Score
BiggJuicy 47 F
12  Articles
never would have guessed   3/5/2012

I was emailed by someone I knew here on bsm And never knew they wanted to fuck me. In his email he expressed his wants to pleasure me. I didn't reply in hopes that we don't mess up our friendship. So three days later he expressed his wants again , this time with more determination. Last night he shows up right as I'm getting out the shower . I throw a nightshirt on and go outside to meet him. ...

6 Comments, 449 Views, 25 Votes ,6.01 Score
Sex with ur neighbor   2/23/2012

Is it all right to have a sexual relationship with your married neighbor even though you and her husband are good friends. I know it could end badly but the sex is just oh so good

8 Comments, 633 Views, 16 Votes ,3.27 Score
these are no sex secrets !!!!!!!   2/19/2012

I enjoy reading the articles on here but im very disappointed in this section . It's called sex secrets people . Not the first one of you have put any secrets on here to be read . So we don't want to read how to give a great BJ or how to make your woman squirt , most of us know that already , GIVE US YOUR SECRETS ..........

4 Comments, 194 Views, 15 Votes ,3.90 Score
jawonablowme 41 M
1  Article
Squirting   2/17/2012

I have been with a few squirters in my life. four what I would call real squirters and one accidental one. Although I was familiar with the term and knew that some women could ejaculate, I admit that the first time I experienced a squirter I was shocked. More appropriately, I freaked out. I was convinced that my partner had lost bladder control and pissed on me. I had no idea that a female ...

1 Comments, 315 Views, 14 Votes ,3.94 Score
almost__handsome 38 M
3  Articles
rough sex ideas   2/12/2012

my sex partner is interested in trying out some rough sex ... any ideas on role plays around rough sex?

2 Comments, 183 Views, 7 Votes ,2.79 Score